Sir Alex Ferguson Is Right When He Says Ryan Giggs Should Be Permanent Manchester United Manager

Sir Alex Ferguson says Ryan Giggs should be offered the permanent job as manager of Manchester United, according to report in The Guardian newspaper.

Giggs understands the ethos of the club better than any living person save Ferguson himself, and as the most decorated player in the history of the Premier League will lead by example.

Ferguson stated:

“I think that he [Giggs] is the one man they should go to, really,” Ferguson said at a fundraising dinner in Manchester this week. “He’s got 20-odd years of experience at Manchester United. I signed him as a kid at 13 years of age. He’s gone through the gamut of emotions at the club – he’s experienced all the highs and lows. He knows exactly what’s needed to be a Manchester United player and I was so pleased he brought Paul Scholes back in, and Nicky Butt of course – two great professionals.

“They understand the club, they are hard workers, they are straight as a die. So you have got the right combinations there, there’s no doubt about that.”

The names tossed around by the press as potential full-time successors to David Moyes, who was sacked on Tuesday, are the usual assortment of continental names whom may or may not be successful in English football.

Manchester United’s identity is at stake. Hire an older foreign manager and the Red Devils become like any other club starting a conveyor belt of continentals with no previous ties to the club. Like the club’s great current rivals, they will simply be attracting a mercenary as the top man. The other alternative is to elevate Giggs permanently and let him fill out his backroom staff with capable people who are knowledgeable about English football whether or not they are connected previously to United or not.

Naming Giggs as the full-time manager ensures United’s principles and heritage will remain at the center of the the football club’s future.

18 thoughts on “Sir Alex Ferguson Is Right When He Says Ryan Giggs Should Be Permanent Manchester United Manager”

  1. So first it was Moyes who was the right man. Now, it’s Giggs? And he hasn’t managed a single match yet. No wonder United are where they are.

  2. Honestly, I think Ferguson should go on a sabbatical for 6-12 months. He’s not helping the situation by being involved.

  3. Worst decision ever I’m my opinion. If Giggs is the man why did he recommend Moyes in the first place. Ryan Giggs needs to earn the job just like every other manager would. At least David Moyes had 10+ years managing in the league before getting his chance. Being a top player for 20 odd years is totally different from managing a team just ask Sir Bobby Charlton. By all means get his opinion but I highly doubt the owners will repeat the same mistake and let Fergie get his way. In fact by all accounts the owners have already said Giggs appointment is for 4 matches only no matter what happens.

  4. Pep had no managerial experience when he took charge of Barcelona and he did alright. Giggs is in a similar situation. He certainly looked comfortable at the press conference.

    That said, he is taking over a weak squad demoralized by Moyes, while Guardiola had a team already capable of winning major honors. VanGaal would appear to be a wise choice with Giggs as number 2.

  5. Giggs is the future.. Not the present. Great for a VanHall number 2… But never the number 1…

    Even if Van Haal comes to Man United it would not be only for 3-5 years at the most… Whoever they appoint as the number two is the future of the club.

    I’m still convinced Eric Cantona is in the running..starting next season


  6. If Man Utd win the remaining games in an impressive manner, it might be hard to deny him an opportunity, especially if supporters are fully behind it. Regardless, he’ll be a great #2 man.

  7. No he isn’t senial old twit!!!
    Giggs, should of retired five years ago…With regards being manager it would be the worst decision ever…..FACT!!!!

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