So This Is What Jose Mourinho’s ‘Weakened’ Chelsea Team Will Look Like Against Liverpool [PHOTO]

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has toyed with the idea of fielding a weakened team against Liverpool in the biggest Premier League match of the season. If Liverpool wins the match at Anfield on Sunday and Manchester City drop points against Crystal Palace that same day, the Reds can clinch its first-ever Premier League title on May 5 against Crystal Palace.

But while there’s been a lot of fuss about Mourinho fielding a weakened side this Sunday, the fact of the matter is that even a weakened Chelsea side has a total cost of £123.7million, which dwarfs most other Premier League sides. The Blues have so much depth in their squad that even a “B” team could be capable of defeating Liverpool on Sunday. Whether they do or not is another matter entirely.

Interestingly, Chelsea are unlikely to be penalized by the Premier League if the club fields a weakened side. The Premier League has relaxed the rules after Blackpool were fined in 2011.

On top of all this, Chelsea is forced to field a weakened side this Sunday anyway. Petr Cech, John Terry, Samuel Eto’o and Eden Hazard are all out injured, while Ramires has been suspended.

Despite the injuries and suspension, Chelsea should have no excuses why they can’t give Liverpool a run for its money on Sunday. Jose Mourinho’s team has enough firepower to battle in the Premier League and UEFA Champions League.

10 thoughts on “So This Is What Jose Mourinho’s ‘Weakened’ Chelsea Team Will Look Like Against Liverpool [PHOTO]”

  1. i hve realy supported and appreciated d decission of jose morinho by filling his weakend team on sunday against liverpool.because if somone is to say truth 99 percent of morinho,s complain are all realistic.i wonder d position in dis year champions league were chelsea is, ifatold its another english club like man utd or arsenal or man city or even liverpool were in dat position were chelsea is right now.i swear d english fa,s wil make all their efort in other to favour dem in d league fixtures

    1. No they wouldn’t they are just over stubborn when it comes to helping out its teams in the competitions outside of England and Wales. They didn’t help ManU or Chelsea when they were in the Club World Cup or any of the teams in Champions League.

    2. Stop drinking the Jose koolaid. FA are bunch of fools and they definetly didnt other teams in comps. other than EPL.

  2. Mourinho cannot lose. If his “weakend” side beats Liverpool he will be glorified for having come up with the right tactic to beat the league leaders. If Chelsea lose he will have an excuse ready.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Hazard gets a runin for at least 30-45 minutes to get into shape after his time on the sideline.

    Mourinho will also have the likes of Oscar, Eto, Luiz, etc. on the bench in case they are needed to turn the game in Chelsea’s favor.

  3. Mourinho loves to take the pressure away from his players and have everybody talk about what he has on his agenda. He has been doing this for a long time so now everyone knows what he is up to.

    He will field his strongest side with players that won’t feature in the CL due to suspension, like Lampard and Mikel. Players who are not 100% might not play to allow them time to be at 100% for the CL tie. Any manager would be doing the same thing. But Mourinho is making it sound that he is going to do something out of the ordinary. Mind games is what he’s up to.

  4. There was a time when Premier League sides were 45 man deep and this rule made sense. However, it seemed that only “smaller” clubs got punished. This annoying rule became an absurdity when squads were reduced to 25 players.

  5. I am sorry for EPL for not supporting England team on CL. It now clear to me any any club that not belong to England can never have England favour. Chelsea go out and surprise them victory is sure.

  6. even though he does so Liverpool is focused to win that game,since they are 11 games unbeaten,Chelsea can’t stop them,it’s 11 games unbeaten that’s like a final to Liverpool as it was to man city.

  7. It’s ridiculous to think that the EPL should postpone the game because Chelsea have made the CL Semi’s and have to play on Wednesday. This is the challenge of the EPL and thats why its the best league in the world. Just like the Christmas rush of games where most of the other leagues are off. If Mourinho doesn’t like that he he gets no favours piss off to Serie A or La Liga

  8. I’m just stunned that Torres isn’t playing in the second team.

    What is odd, however, is that Chelsea isn’t playing to win the EPL. It isn’t out of hand, though a Chelsea win benefits Man City more than Chelsea. Of course, with Mourinho, it is hard to separate the truth from the fluff.

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