WATCH Jose Mourinho’s Bitter and Sarcastic Post-Match Press Conference After Loss to Sunderland [VIDEO]

Chelsea suffered a major blow to the team’s chances of winning the Premier League today after they lost 2-1 to Sunderland at Stamford Bridge. The loss for Jose Mourinho was his first defeat in the Premier League in a game played at Stamford Bridge since 2004, snapping a 77-match unbeaten league record.

In his post match press conference, Jose Mourinho was sarcastic in his “fantastic” congratulations to referee Mike Dean and referees’ chief Mike Riley. Dean was the match official for today’s match, where Sunderland were awarded a late penalty after Cesar Azpilicueta brought down Jozy Altidore in the box. Riley is Dean’s boss.

With his sarcastic “praise” for referee Mike Dean, he escapes punishment from The FA by not criticizing the match officials, but still gets his message across in his belief that Chelsea were defeated today (and in the past month) as a result of officiating mistakes.

Mourinho continues his mind games, but comes out looking like a sore loser yet again after Chelsea have been defeated in recent weeks by Sunderland, Crystal Palace and Aston Villa.

22 thoughts on “WATCH Jose Mourinho’s Bitter and Sarcastic Post-Match Press Conference After Loss to Sunderland [VIDEO]”

  1. We may still not avoid relegation, but definitely having a say in the title. Chelsea almost have the inverse problem of Sunderland – we can play hard against top teams and eek out these results, Chelsea often just don’t show up against lower teams and drop the points. I agree Mourinho just came across as a sore loser though. He’s better than that.

  2. The not-so special one always has an excuse. How can a championship caliber team lose to all three of those teams when everything is on the line?

    I put it down to poor preparation……by the manager.

    1. Exactly. Mourinho purposely changed the discussion so that instead of the focus being on him for not doing well as a manager, the scapegoat and talking points are the match officials.

  3. Typical poisonous Mourinho diatribe. This is what he always does. He doesnt let the truth get in the way of a good story and he has no problem ruining peoples/clubs reputations in the process. Anything to take the attention of his team but he always goes to far. He is a prick and his teams are zzzz to watch. What a douchbag thing to do to suggest there is a conspiracy but he did it before with “Uefalona” and that stuck and he will continue to do it. Blames everyone but himself.. The guy has no class or respect for his fellow pros. The ref probably got the peno wrong but Rameris shouldve been sent off too..Thats football.. Mourinho & Chelski have got plenty of decisions .. ie Rameris (again) v West Brom… I would love it -LOVE IT- if a fellow manager, ref or journo just had enough and smacked Mourinho right in the kisser. That would be awesome but Id settle for Chelsea not winning anything this season !!! Come on Liverpool / Citeh for the PL & Atletico, BM or RM for the CL !!!!! Anyone but Chelsea, horrible club & manager.

  4. Mourinho’s second coming isn’t working out like his first and by now his antics have become stale. Everyone sees through him now and by pretending his side was “the little horse” in this campaign he thought he would be glorified if they won the title. It’s backfired on him.

    What I cannot fathom is that with all the talent Chelsea have they still play crappy football. They were awful today which is why they lost.

  5. He pulled the same garbage at RM in his last season. I still don’t think he will see the end of his term. Josie your act is wearing thin grow up.

  6. They lost due to a wrong penalty. He has every right to be mad. I think the press has something against the guy. Pelligrini is failing and he has by far the best premier league team and added 90 million pounds worth of talent and his side are choking and no one has anything bad to say about that?
    His team is in the UCL semi finals and is the only English representative. He may say the wrong things but I feel it’s always let’s pick on “Mourinho Day” when he doesn’t win but no other manager gets such treatment like that. Chelsea are a better side thank last season and it’s his first season back. It’s not like he broke the bank in the summer.

      1. He’s complaining that the penalty lost them the game, what you’re forgetting is that before the penalty, his team who could have been top of the league, were probably going to draw at home to the bottom team. Anything less that a win is a failure, his team failed not the officials.

        1. We had two penalty appeals too, there was a clear handball on Alonso. So did the team fail? Or the officials and your eyes?

          1. I thought the non handball calls were okay because they did not seem blatant hand to ball movements but Larsson shoulder checking Ramires into the goal while Ramires was in the air heading in the ball into goal.

          2. Well City shouldhave done better in the UCL than the meek displays they put up against Barca. Watch Atletico Madrid and with a lesser team outplay Barca and attack them without their best Striker Costa and best playmaker Arda Titan. United get soft coverage also but it’s just not fair that Mourinho always gets stick. Just because their the typical “Gentlemen” doesn’t mean that they should be treated differently. If Mourinho had City’s team they’d be in 1st place and would have Arsenal and United in the top 3.

          3. Bottom line is that Chelsea failed to score more goals than the team at the bottom of the league. They shouldn’t have to rely on penalties to beat Sunderland.

          4. The thing is penalties are part of the game. And one decision can change a whole season. Where would liverpool be without those 2 penalty goals stevie g scored against united. To not rely on a penatly is right, but if a penalty appeal has been submitted you cannot change the fact that it shouldve been given. It costed a premier league title. You might as well take away the penatly system from the game.

          5. Then again most you people are either biased or jealous of Mourinho. The hatred you bring to him defines most the decisions in ur heads, compared to what you know is right in the law of the game

  7. Every manager has the right to complain about decisions that didn’t go their way. It’s how you complain that defines you as a person. Acting as if you have a God-given right to be treated differently as everyone else won’t win you any plaudits, hence all the backlash to Mourinho’s petulance.

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