WATCH Our Exclusive Interview With Peter Wilt, Indy Eleven’s GM [VIDEO]

We got to sit down with a very busy Peter Wilt, President and General Manager of Indy Eleven, the newest NASL club in the United States. He talks everything from buying players to the growth of soccer in America.

We kept the background noise in to give you a better sense of the intimate workspace that Indy Eleven functions out of. The office is small, and it’s hectic, but there’s a ton of eagerness and excitement as the club kicks off their first season.

This is the second part of our behind-the-scenes series about life at America’s newest soccer club, Indy Eleven. Read our article from last week that went behind the scenes at the club.

5 thoughts on “WATCH Our Exclusive Interview With Peter Wilt, Indy Eleven’s GM [VIDEO]”

  1. It’s great that Indy has a team, but the problem with the NASL (and MLS for that matter) is the quality of play on the pitch.

    It’s great to get your scarves, learn some chants, and get drunk at the matches, but at one point you’ll sober up and say “God this is horrible football.”

    I’m not a Euro snob either. But going from EPL to MLS is like going from pro to high school. NASL is a step below. Who wants to watch what amounts to JV 8th grade football, or for that matter, PAY to attend it?

    1. You are a Euro snob. You are the precise definition of it based on everything you said. All that was missing was a rant about why we should have pro/rel.

      1. Speaking of promotion/relegation…I’m a big fan of it. 😉

        Maybe that would make it worthwhile to watch as many NASL teams do well against MLS teams. But sadly the owners are in control of everything.

  2. Oh my God. How much better would the NASL be today if Peter Wilt had been hired as the commissioner instead of that dumbass Peterson?!?

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