Commentators for NBC’s Premier League Matches This Weekend: Gameweek 34

The commentators have been announced for this weekend’s Premier League matches on US television.

Saturday, April 12:

Fulham vs Norwich, 10:07am, NBCSN; Gary Taphouse & Tony Gale
Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa, 10:07am, Premier League Extra Time; Joe Speight & Dean Sturridge
West Brom vs Tottenham, 10:07am, Premier League Extra Time; Daniel Mann & Trevor Francis
Southampton vs Cardiff, 10:07am, Premier League Extra Time; David Stowell & Ray Houghton
Stoke vs Newcastle, 10:07am, Premier League Extra Time; Gary Weaver & Barry Horne
Sunderland vs Everton, 10:07am, Premier League Extra Time; Tony Jones & Davie Provan
Arsenal vs Wigan Athletic (FA Cup), 12:07, FOX Sports 2 and FOX Soccer 2Go; Not available

Sunday, April 13:

Liverpool vs Manchester City, 8:37am, NBCSN; Arlo White & Tim Howard (international feed gets Peter Drury & Jim Beglin)
Hull City vs Sheffield United (FA Cup), 11:07am, FOX Sports 1 and FOX Soccer 2Go; Not available
Swansea vs Chelsea, 11:07am, NBCSN; Jon Champion & David Pleat

What are your thoughts on the selection of commentators this weekend? Let us know in the comments section below.

8 thoughts on “Commentators for NBC’s Premier League Matches This Weekend: Gameweek 34”

    1. Not an issue for me, as my spring break roommate will not be up that early and therefore i will have to use talksport with earphones.

    2. Absolutely agree … What are you doing NBC? Biggest game of the season and you have Arlo and Tim Howard? WTH??!?’

      I could game stomached it with just Arlo, but Tim Howard.. This is NBC’s weak spot… I will have to stream this game.. learn from the Gus Johnson debacle and schedule some good commentators


    3. I like Tim Howard as a co-comm. It’s great to hear what a current Prem player makes of some situations.

      You KNOW that he knows what he is talking about because he is out there doing it for real against the teams he is commentating on.

      No drama. Just great insight. 100 times better than most co-comms who tend to speak out of their jacksies.

  1. Arlo White is intolerable as a commentator – absolutely horrid. I HATE watching matches with the sound off but this guy is such a drama queen – and he NEVER shuts up. Take the mic off! If he’d stop telling you what you just saw happen on screen . . . he might be tolerable – well, no. I remember watching matches when I was stationed in England and you’d hardly ever hear commentators say more than a sentence or two – and there’d be LONG periods of time where all you would hear were the sounds of the match and the crowd. Mr. White should be employed as a military/terrorist interrogator. I’ll bet he could get anyone to confess to anything in a heartbeat. From what I can deduce, the broadcast is about Mr White, not the match. Please – stop the verbal diarrhea. Please don’t include him as a commentator in next year’s PL coverage. Please!

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