England Unveil Official World Cup Home and Away Kits For Brazil 2014 [PHOTOS]

The FA and Nike today unveiled England’s home and away kits for World Cup 2014.

According to The FA, the new home shirt is a pure and brilliant white with an engineered pinstripe in the fabric. White satin tape on the shoulders gives the jersey a distinctive shine. The Three Lions crest, meanwhile, has a metallic weave to create another shimmering effect, most noticeable when the crest catches the light.

Inside the back of the neck is a pennant tab with a graphic of silver pinstripes that together create a St. George’s cross.

The jersey has a modern V-neck collar, which is both functional and styled for sport.

The 1970 inspiration can be seen in the full kit. The new shorts are classic white with a satin white tape along each side to create the same distinctive shine as the shoulders of the shirt.

“Two references really stood out during the design process for the home kit – that stunning all-white kit England wore in Mexico in 1970 and the idea of the armour of English Knights,” said Martin Lotti, Nike Football Global Creative Director.

Nike has also collaborated with renowned English typographer Neville Brody to create a new font for the names and numbers on the back of this England shirt.

Meanwhile, England’s new away kit features a bold red tonal pinstripe design subtly infused with a graphic interpretation of St. George’s cross on the front.

The St. George’s cross, representing the English patron saint, is an optical illusion and cannot be seen up close, coming into focus only from a distance.

The shirt boasts a unique neckline with a subtle collar design. The front panel goes all the way to the top of the jersey to render the St. George’s cross as large as possible. Ribbing completes the collar around the back of the neck.

The iconic England crest features a satin weave base with embroidered lions to create a lustrous effect. The base uses a bright white with an optical brightener to further enhance its whiteness, making the lions come alive under UV light.

Inside the back of the neck, consistent with the home jersey is a pennant tab, this time with a graphic of red pinstripes that together create a subtle St. George’s cross.

The shorts are white with a red tape along each side, and the away socks are red.


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13 thoughts on “England Unveil Official World Cup Home and Away Kits For Brazil 2014 [PHOTOS]”

  1. I hate to agree with Joey Barton, but he’s right on this one … $20 t-shirt with a couple of crests, but with 800% markup!!!

  2. The white shirt more accurately resembles the 1954 World Cup kit with the v-neck.
    Funny how the 1966 strips didn’t work out 4 years ago so the FA are finding other years to try and replicate.

  3. Just looking at the kits made me fall asleep. How boring and plain. Dont understand why an American company is designing the shirt. Should have stayed with Umbro

      1. You do reaize they are a still heaquartered and based in Manchester and are a subsidary of an American company, Right? Meaning they are still an English company whose Majority shares are owned by an American company.

        Much like how Man Utd., Arsenal, and Liverpool are owned or Majority shares are owned by Americans. Does that make them American football teams? No, make sure you know what your talking about before you want to get cheeky on a comment buddy.

    1. The last 4 or so England shirts by Umbro were nothing special. They were basically giving those shirts away in Sports Direct stores.

  4. Yawn.

    I must say, all of the World Cup kits are boring — especially those from Nike.

    I hope the football is much more exciting. And I hope that sales of such tragically stale kits is terrible.

  5. If you are in the less is more camp, then these are two of the nicest kits since 1970, particularly the away one. They definitely got used the right color palettes. The blue is the proper blue.

    Btw, nike no longer owns umbro.

  6. Football kits look half decent on the players. It’s when you pull the shirt on over your fat belly, you realize the mistake you made buying one.

    1. Point well made. They need to make a beer gut friendly version instead of all these tight fitting designs. Rooney is definitely photoshopped.

      Btw, nice to see Barkley in the pictures. Hopefully it means he’s going to Brazil.

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