WATCH Trabzonspor Fans Throwing Fireworks, Bricks and a Doorknob On to the Pitch to Abandon Game vs Fenerbahce [VIDEO]

Monday’s match between Trabzonspor and Fenerbahce was abandoned after a rain of fireworks, bricks and other objects, including a metal door handle, were thrown on to the pitch by Trabzonspor supporters.

The match had been stopped twice by the referee in the first half before the match official decided to abandon the game late in the first half after the conditions on the pitch prevented the game from continuing.

At the time, league leaders Fenerbahce were leading 1-0.

Here’s the moment when the referee stormed off the pitch after near the end of the first half:


And here’s close-up footage of a rain of fireworks, bricks and other objects being thrown on the pitch:


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