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ESPN Announces TV Schedule For FIFA World Cup 2014

espn world cup 600x336 ESPN Announces TV Schedule For FIFA World Cup 2014

ESPN have announced its TV schedule for FIFA World Cup 2014, which will be televised live and in HD across ESPN, ABC and ESPN2, as well as WatchESPN and WatchABC.

Impressively, 43 of the 64 matches will be shown on ESPN, while ESPN2 will only show 11. All matches on ESPN and ESPN2 will also be available live via WatchESPN. Meanwhile, ABC will broadcast 10 games (which will be simulcast on WatchABC). Looking at the schedule below, the matches that ABC are showing are more to do with the schedule of World Cup matches fitting ABC’s schedule than ABC going out of their way to select matches that will garner huge TV ratings such as Italy vs England and Germany vs USA, as two examples.

ESPN’s coverage of every match will be preceded by a 30-minute pregame show, including teams walking onto the pitch, national anthems and ceremonial handshakes – all symbolic FIFA World Cup traditions. The 30-minute pre-match show, halftime and post-match segments will anchor the surround programming around each match presentation.

Special editions of SportsCenter will air between match telecasts on ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC.  Additionally, ESPN’s flagship news and information program will follow all matches, except when a match precedes another live event on the network. On every match day, World Cup Tonight, ESPN’s definitive daily news, highlights and analysis program for the quadrennial event, will recap the day’s action. ESPN FC World Cup Encore – which will generally air for two hours on match days on ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPNEWS – will feature condensed versions of the best action in the day’s matches with analysis from ESPN FC pundits.

World Cup 2014 Broadcast TV Schedule

Thursday, June 12
Brazil vs Croatia, 4pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN

Friday, June 13
Mexico vs Cameroon, Noon ET, ESPN2 and WatchESPN
Spain vs Holland, 3pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN
Chile vs Australia, 6pm ET, ESPN2 and WatchESPN 

Saturday, June 14
Colombia vs Greece, Noon ET, ABC and Watch ABC
Uruguay vs Costa Rica, 3pm ET, ABC and Watch ABC
England vs Italy, 6pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN
Ivory Coast vs Japan, 9pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN

Sunday, June 15
Switzerland vs Ecuador, Noon ET, ABC and Watch ABC
France vs Honduras, 3pm ET, ABC and Watch ABC
Argentina vs Bosnia, 6pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN 

Monday, June 16
Germany vs Portugal, Noon ET, ESPN and WatchESPN
Iran vs Nigeria, 3pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN
Ghana vs USA, 6pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN 

Tuesday, June 17
Belgium vs Algeria, Noon ET, ESPN and WatchESPN
Brazil vs Mexico, 3pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN
Russia vs South Korea, 6pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN

Wednesday, June 18
Australia vs Holland, Noon ET, ESPN and WatchESPN
Spain vs Chile, 3pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN
Cameroon vs Croatia, 6pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN

Thursday, June 19
Colombia vs Ivory Coast, Noon ET, ESPN and WatchESPN
Uruguay vs England, 3pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN
Japan vs Greece, 6pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN

Friday, June 20
Italy vs Costa Rica, Noon ET, ESPN and WatchESPN
Switzerland vs France, 3pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN
Honduras vs Ecuador, 6pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN

Saturday, June 21
Argentina vs Iran, Noon ET, ESPN and WatchESPN
Germany vs Ghana, 3pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN
Nigeria vs Bosnia, 6pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN

Sunday, June 22
Belgium vs Russia, Noon ET, ABC and Watch ABC
South Korea vs Algeria, 3pm ET, ABC and Watch ABC
USA vs Portugal, 6pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN 

Monday, June 23
Holland vs Chile, Noon ET, ESPN and Watch ESPN
Australia vs Spain, Noon ET, ESPN2 and WatchESPN
Croatia vs Mexico, 4pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN
Cameroon vs Brazil, 4pm ET, ESPN2 and WatchESPN   

Tuesday, June 24
Costa Rica vs England, Noon ET, ESPN2 and WatchESPN
Italy vs Uruguay, Noon ET, ESPN and WatchESPN
Japan vs Colombia, 4pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN
Greece vs Ivory Coast, 4pm ET, ESPN2 and WatchESPN     

Wednesday, June 25
Nigeria vs Argentina, Noon ET, ESPN and WatchESPN
Bosnia vs Iran, Noon ET, ESPN2 and WatchESPN
Honduras vs Switzerland, 4pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN
Ecuador vs France, 4pm ET, ESPN2 and WatchESPN     

Thursday, June 26
Portugal vs Ghana, Noon ET, ESPN2 and WatchESPN
USA vs Germany, Noon ET, ESPN and WatchESPN
South Korea vs Belgium, 4pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN
Algeria vs Russia, 4pm ET, ESPN2 and WatchESPN   

Friday, June 27
No games

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Saturday, June 28
Round of 16 — Brazil vs Chile, Noon ET, ABC and Watch ABC
Round of 16 — Colombia vs Uruguay, 4pm ET, ABC and Watch ABC 

Sunday, June 29
Round of 16 — Mexico vs Netherlands, Noon ET, ESPN and WatchESPN
Round of 16 — Costa Rica vs Greece, 4pm ETESPN and WatchESPN     

Monday, June 30
Round of 16 — France vs Nigeria, Noon ET, ESPN and WatchESPN
Round of 16 — Germany vs Algeria, 4pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN     

Tuesday, July 1
Round of 16 — Argentina vs Switzerland, Noon ET, ESPN and WatchESPN
Round of 16 — USA vs Belgium, 4pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN      

Wednesday, July 2
No games

Thursday, July 3
No games

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Friday, July 4
Quarter-finals — France vs Germany, Noon ET, ESPN2 and WatchESPN
Quarter-finals — Brazil vs Colombia, 4pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN      

Saturday, July 5
Quarter-finals — Argentina vs Belgium, Noon ET, ABC and Watch ABC
Quarter-finals — Netherlands vs Costa Rica, 4pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN   

Sunday, July 6
No games

Monday, July 7
No games

Tuesday, July 8
Semi-final — Brazil vs Germany, 4pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN   

Wednesday, July 9
Semi-final — Netherlands vs Argentina, 4pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN  

Thursday, July 10
No games

Friday, July 11
No games

Saturday, July 12
Third place match, 4pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN   

Sunday, July 13
World Cup Final, 3pm ET, ABC and Watch ABC


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5 Responses to ESPN Announces TV Schedule For FIFA World Cup 2014

  1. md ismail hossain says:

    wellcome to fifa world cup 2014. my need world cup sedual.

  2. ayush bansal says:

    in brazil fifa worldcup started on 12th june but in india it starts on 13th june due to the time difference between countries ….thanx for giving the indian time schedule for fifa worldcup 2014
    read here the fifa 2014 match schedule in indian time:-

  3. g says:

    ..barely any USA games on ABC…greedy tv

  4. jj says:

    Can there be any justification for ABC not showing the USA – Portugal match on network television? SHAME!!

    • Huw Roma says:

      It’s a national disgrace and another indication of how soccer is perceived in this country. Could you imagine that happening in England for example? I’ve gone over it ad nauseum on here, but I don’t care. People should be outraged.

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