New Footage Leaked Of Andy Gray and Richard Keys Using Sexist Remarks Again [VIDEO]

New footage of soccer pundits Andy Gray and Richard Keys has been released, which shows the pair making more sexist remarks.

The footage, which appears to be from between 2001-2006 at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium, was released on YouTube today. In the video, Gray and Keys joke with Sky Sports reporter Clare Tomlinson and sing “Get your t**s out for the lads” at her.

In 2011, Gray and Keys were under fire after getting caught on tape making sexist remarks. Keys resigned from his position at Sky Sports, while Gray was terminated by Sky for unacceptable behavior.

The timing of the newly-released footage is unfortunate for Gray as he returned to UK television last weekend as a co-commentator for the first time since the 2011 controversy.

Someone inside in the industry must have it in for Gray as the timing of the release of this footage, which The Football Ramble podcast released, couldn’t have come at a worse time. Someone has been sitting on this footage for 8-13 years but has only decided to release it now?

H/T The Football Ramble.


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