Jose Mourinho Says West Ham Play 19th Century Soccer

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho today decried the tactics of his rival Sam Allardyce tonight in the 0-0 Chelsea draw with West Ham at Stamford Bridge.

“[West Ham’s style of football] is not Premier League, this is not the best league in the world. This is football from the 19th century.

“The only thing I can bring more to win was a Black and Decker. A Black and Decker to destroy the wall.”

Mourinho’s comments were laughable given the track record of the Blues manager in big matches this season away to Manchester United and Arsenal. Chelsea in both matches played with several men behind the ball at all times and snuffed out any opportunities the opposition had. For me personally, defensive soccer is pragmatic smart soccer if you sit where West Ham does in the table or, like Chelsea, when you’re outgunned when playing away to Arsenal.

Negative commentary about Allardyce’s tactics has been around for years, but Jose Mourinho took it to another level considering his own reputation when it comes defensive soccer.

Going forward it will be interesting to see if Mourinho’s teams play more openly given his anger at West Ham’s tactics today. The Special One could take lessons in humility and honesty from Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood with whom he will face off against in a few weeks at Stamford Bridge.

Sherwood showed a touch of class tonight that will serve him and Tottenham Hotspur well in the future. When asked about the controversial officiating calls in today’s 5-1 loss to Manchester City at White Hart Lane, Sherwood didn’t take the bait from the BT Sport reporter. Instead he dismissed any attempt to create controversy over Michael Dawson’s chalked off goal and, while he disagreed with the Danny Rose red card, he quickly said he didn’t think it would have made a difference in the match.

Sherwood’s humility is contrasted with the types of self-pitying, whiny and sometimes narcissistic post match comments we have become accustomed to from Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho.

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15 thoughts on “Jose Mourinho Says West Ham Play 19th Century Soccer”

  1. How do you say ‘sour grapes’ in Portuguese?

    Between his claims that he is more English than some English managers, criticizing AWenger, and his hypocritical crying here, JM is just too much.

  2. Does it really make a difference on how you beat a team that has the cash to outspend you 5 to 1? I don’t thinks so. Well done West Ham.

  3. You saying 19 century football??
    You have no shame to say stupidities. Your football Mourinho is horrible not even 19th century. Your way to manage your players are from the circus in the Roman Empire.
    You got the wrong idea that “Roman” Abramivich was an Emperor and you his circus Manager. Your fault Mourinho.

  4. Jose don’t like it when he is not the bus driver.Once again Jose deflects from his side’s shortcomings.The master manipulator strikes again.City in the drivers seat theirs to lose.

  5. Pot calling the kettle black. What did Mourinho’s Madrid’s team do against Barcelona, that was anti-football. How did his Inter teams win but playing not to lose and suffocating the opposition.

    The man is the biggest hypocrite in football. When he does something to get points for his team, it’s tactical brilliance. Hopefully people are finally realizing what an ass Mourinho really is.

  6. Stupid comments! Did he forget how chelsea won the champions league 2012? When they beat barcelona&bayern. Or did he forget how his team played against united back in august? “Back to your translator” yu are not a coach!

  7. From the man who’s Chelsea team came to old trafford earlier in the season and parked the bus by not playing with any forwards.

  8. Not only man united match, also inter vs barca three seasons ago. This is mad guy! He is contradicting him self. Never see such a guy like this. Wonderfull!!!

  9. But Mourinho’s comments showthat there is a fundamental flaw. He is right that it is possible for one team to refuse to play and then get a point out of it. This is because a Nil-Nil result ends in 1 point for both teams. This fundamental problem is being missed!

    This convention means both teams begin each match with 1 point already in the bag and this can be a disincentive to do anything and encourages parking the bus if 1 point is considered enough by one of the teams.

    Nil-Nil matches must result in 0 points to each team so that this anti-sporting, cagey nonsense will be dissuaded.

  10. The Premier League is better with Mourinho in it. You take the good comments with the bad. Hats off to West Ham for scratching a point.

  11. Mourinho is full of it. His sides are zzzz. At least Sam has the excuse of not having World Class players unlike Jose who’s previous teams Real, Inter & Chelsea all employed the exact same negative tactics v Barca (HOME and away). He even got the pitched covered in sand once to stop Barca playing. His sides were constantly fouling, diving and time wasting and he slandered the refs (pre and post match) so his side could get away with terrible fouls. He slandered the opposition and his opposite manager. He is the worst/best when it comes to the dark arts of football & a total hypocrite. The truth is irrelevant to Jose. This season he parked the bus v Arsenal and played with no striker v Utd. Mourinho plays the same tactics as big Sam v the top sides and he does it with World Class footballers. What a hypocrite. He is just diverting the attention off a bad result at home. The media wouldve crucified Rafa last season if he sold Mata and then drew 0-0 at home to West Ham but they dont give Mourinho any grief over it at all. Jose may be a character but he is quick to destroy other peoples / clubs reps to get what he wants. Just look what he did to Frisk. Jose is a nasty piece of work and a total p***k. No class

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