FA Cup Fifth Round Draw Announced; Manchester City Will Play Chelsea, While Arsenal Play Liverpool

The draw for the FA Cup Fifth Round has been made. The draw is as follows:

Manchester City vs Chelsea
Sheffield United or Fulham vs Nottingham Forest vs Preston
Arsenal vs Liverpool
Brighton vs Hull City
Cardiff City vs Wigan Athletic
Sheffield Wednesday vs Charlton
Sunderland vs Southampton
Everton vs Swansea City

The Fifth Round of the oldest club tournament in the world features a couple of plum ties that would have made excellent finals — Manchester City vs Chelsea, and Arsenal vs Liverpool. While those matches will be entertaining, no doubt, it means Chelsea will play Manchester City twice within two weeks — once in the league and then in the FA Cup.

Manchester City play Chelsea on Monday, February 3 in the Premier League, and will then play each other on February 15 or 16 at the Etihad Stadium in the FA Cup.

Plus with Manchester City playing Chelsea and Liverpool playing Arsenal, it’ll mean that two giant clubs in England will be out of the FA Cup 6th Round, which could give another club outside the big four a chance of reaching the final. But obviously, there’s still a long way to go.

The FA Cup Fifth Round matches will be played over the weekend of February 15-16.

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8 thoughts on “FA Cup Fifth Round Draw Announced; Manchester City Will Play Chelsea, While Arsenal Play Liverpool”

    1. Yes, yes it does. Now, depending on the scheduling they can have enough quality matches to overflow on FOX, FS1, FS2, and FS+. My guess is that the City/Chelsea match is the first choice for a Fox broadcast. However, this draw kind of screws them in the next round of fixtures.

    2. It all depends now the time the ITV & BT Sport games are scheduled. It’s highly likely one of Man City v Chelsea/Arsenal v Liverpool will be played at 12:15pm ET, which gives FOX an opportunity to air one of those games on the main network

  1. Talk about crunch time, 2/8 away to Liverpool, 2/12 home to Man City,
    2/14 home to Liverpool, 2/19 home to Bayern. O February…. Come On Arsenal!

  2. The 2 guaranteed picks – 1st & 2nd are clear cut. I’m going with ITV to pick Arsenal/Liverpool 1st and BT to choose City/Chelsea as the 2nd pick.

    We already know that City/Chelsea will have to be picked for either the early or tea time Saturday (or early morning or lunch time for you guys) slot because they’re playing the following Tuesday in the CL, meaning they’re blocked from the Sunday completely.

    1. If it is a noon Saturday kickoff our time it will probably be on FOX proper here and then Gaffer will have an article for all the local affiliates that wont show the match live.

  3. If yu are arsenal fun next two month your failure team w’ll play liverbool twice. Bayern twice. Chelsea,spurs,everton&southampton on Away. Manunited&m.city home. And possibility of reply against liverbool. Come april where will yu be?

  4. top 4 clubs get to play each other, fantastic, has any1 noticed that there’s no united…lmao!!!!

    reality has spoken!!!!

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