WATCH Liverpool Fan Sees the Funny Side Of Gabby Agbonlahor Fall [VIDEO]

While so much of the attention yesterday was focused on the penalty controversy in the Liverpool-Aston Villa match, one irreverent video we neglected to share with you is now embedded below.

It’s pretty self explanatory, but I still can’t help myself laughing every time I watch it. The Liverpool supporter’s facial expression is priceless as is his penchant for snapping photos.

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2 thoughts on “WATCH Liverpool Fan Sees the Funny Side Of Gabby Agbonlahor Fall [VIDEO]”

  1. This is nothing different than any ground in the whole of England. While watching the Chelsea vs Man U game, during a Man U corner, I witnessed a Chelsea supporter doing a “double jerking off” motion to the united player that was taking the corner(and who knows what he was mouthing to the player, if it’s anything like the motion he was making, I’m sure it wasn’t anything pleasant). Both of these are inappropriate actions and are just silly. But the finger cannot just be pointed at the Liverpool supporters. It happens at ever ground in England. The real talking point here is, why don’t supporters have more class than this?

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