West Ham On Verge of Signing Joleon Lescott From Manchester City: Nightly Soccer Report

West Ham United are on the verge of signing Manchester City defender Joleon Lescott, but the deal could collapse if the clubs are unable to agree a compromise.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper is reporting that City don’t want the player to leave until after January 20, but West Ham United are desperate to sign defenders as their central defense is decimated.

The paper adds that West Ham are believed to have agreed a deal with City a week ago matching Lescott’s wages of £90,000 a week for the rest of this campaign and then agreeing to pay the central defender £70,000 a week for another three years even if they are relegated.

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3 thoughts on “West Ham On Verge of Signing Joleon Lescott From Manchester City: Nightly Soccer Report”

    1. some prem team will pay him that 70k if they are relegated. They aren’t good but I don’t think they are terrible enough to go down this year.

  1. Not exactly a position overflowing with depth. Perhaps lends some credence to the Mangala talk in the French press.

    Normally I wouldn’t believe Le10Sport if it reported on the imminent rising of the sun from an easterly direction. But their “scoop” on the Mangala move was presented in much more concrete terms than the usual crap they routinely invent.

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