List of US Sports Events That Would Clash With FOX’s Coverage of a 2022 Winter World Cup

The comments of Jérôme Valcke, FIFA’s General Secretary, about the potential timing of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar came as a shock to much of the world soccer community. But how specifically will a shift from summer to winter impact the United States in 2022?

If the World Cup 2022 is scheduled between November 15 and December 15, the following traditional American sport events (just to name a few) will overlap with World Cup TV coverage by FOX Sports:

— Week 11-15 of the NFL regular season
— Several high-profile regional college football tivalries including Ohio State-Michigan, Florida-Florida State, Alabama-Auburn, UCLA-USC and Oregon-Oregon State
— The title games of every major college football conference including the SEC, ACC, PAC 12, Big 12 and Big 10
— Several early season college basketball tournaments that generally include almost every school with a national following
— The final NASCAR race of the season where the points title is determined, and
— Early NBA and NHL regular season games.

And to make matters even more complicated for FOX Sports, if the tournament is held between December 15 and January 15, here are the traditional American sports that will captivate a lot of the nation’s time and attention at the same time World Cup 2022 is being played:

— Week 16 and 17 of the NFL regular season
— NFL Playoffs first two weekends
— College football Bowl games
— College football Playoffs and Championship
— College basketball holiday tournaments
— NHL Winter Classic
— NBA regular season continues
— The start of the Australian Open
— The start of the PGA Tour season

This is arguably the most congested time in the annual American calendar and perhaps the least desirable if you want to generate considerable TV ratings that will entice advertisers.

It will be very interesting to see how things play out going forward but the possibility of a winter World Cup already has many people involved in the game in the United States scratching their heads.

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28 thoughts on “List of US Sports Events That Would Clash With FOX’s Coverage of a 2022 Winter World Cup”

    1. The times haven’t been announced yet, but if they played at a similar schedule to Brazil (where most matches are at Noon ET, 3pm ET and 6pm ET), the TV times for the games in Qatar that would be televised live in the States would be 8pm ET, 11pm ET and 2am ET.

      1. I believe you went the wrong way…Qatar is 8 hours ahead of NY so Noon, 3pm and 6pm local time kickoffs would be 4am ET, 7am ET & 10am ET.

        These times would actually avoid clashes with US sports but I think we would see slightly later kickoffs in Qatar (if nothing else but to sync with European prime time). This would cause a problem in the US.

  1. You do understand this is a global game and everyone outside of USA can give two s$$$s about most of these leagues.

    1. Everyone knows it’s a global game. This article is about the impact here in the U.S. Maybe you misread the headline of the article.

        1. Both the NBA and NHL finals are always complete before the World Cup starts. And 20 baseball games per team in a 162 game season really don’t mean too much.

  2. Man…what a mess…..

    Has anyone suggested that they just play at nighttime? I just looked at the Wiki page for Doha and their average low temperature is ~82F in June. Just play all the games at 0300 in the morning. Probably solved. Qatar gets their economic development. Political bribes are honored. FIFA avoids lawsuits. The big European leagues get to maintain their schedules. The games are shown at nice times in the US.

    Just pretend that the whole thing happens at night: Teams practice at night and everything.

    I wonder if anyone at FIFA is smart enough that they’ve even debated a nocturnal world cup? :)

  3. This can change of course, but as of now:

    -NBC will have the end of the NASCAR season in 2022 (contract goes from 2015 to 2024); Fox does the first half (same time frame).

    -ESPN does almost all of the bowl games right now (including the new playoffs from next year until 2026); the only major one Fox has is the Cotton Bowl currently. Fox also has the Big Ten championship game right now. (and by 2022 the Big 12 might have a championship game as well, so who knows who’d get that game)

    -The NFL will be the most problematic; by 2022 we may have a longer regular season and/or a larger playoff field (they’re thinking of adding two playoff teams and cutting down to 1 team with a bye in each conference as soon as 2015; there’s been talk of going to an 18-game regular season for years). NFL is Fox’s bread and butter sports-wise of course (contract goes until 2023)

    So it doesn’t look as bad as it sounds, but Fox does have the right to be ticked off at a possible reschedule.

  4. Honestly, I think the biggest factor will be sponsors. At the end of the day, FIFA cares about $$$$ and I suspect numerous sponsors will have to change summer-themed commercials and (in the US) compete with these other events.

    I am hoping that this compels FIFA to make a potentially unpopular but reasonable decision to move the 2022 WC to another country.

  5. Worrying about broadcast issues in 2022 for something that may (or may not) happen?

    We’ll be able to watch the WC on our wrist watches that beam a 100″ 3D pic onto the nearest tree.

    College football will be banned because of concussion issues and 99% of Americans will wanna watch the WC instead of the NFL (that had recently turned into flag football).

    Seriously – why even think about it at the moment?

    1. You soccer-loving losers sure are delusional. Once your beloved World Cup goes against the heart of the American sports schedule, you’ll get to see even more hard evidence of how little soccer matters to the American audience. As in, it doesn’t matter at all, and never will. Soccer blows, and its fans blow! Suck it! LOL!

  6. This is 8 years away and who cares about the sports it would compete with? It wouldn’t change anything or the people watching it. I hope you keep worrying about this for the better part of the next decade.

  7. 2022 is a long way off. Soccer looks like its growth will continue in the US and by that time the next generation will be more excited about the World Cup then the NFL, NASCAR, or the NBA. By all accounts the NHL is becoming more popular but they are early in their season as is the NBA and college basketball and the College bowl season has not started.

    Frankly while the field is crowded then the US audience should be large.

    1. It’s hopeless already. Give up, soccer-loving losers. Your pathetic, boring sport is at the bottom of the American sports totem pole, and always will be!

  8. If it is the December to January window soccer fans in this country can look forward to world cup quarterfinals and finals on Fox Sports 1 at best. The final would be this weekend of next and on either weekend the NFL will rule the FOX airwaves and you can’t really blame them when NFC playoff games outdraw all soccer by at least eight to one. The november december window is a little better since most of the obstruction is at the start of the window. But still for all you who are asking who cares advertisers do and guess what they are are going to spend x amount advertising in a month and are looking for bang for their buck football and basketball are monumentally better long term investments.

  9. I wonder if we are going to get to see the Coca-Cola Polar bears playing soccer since that is their normal advertising theme for the holidays.

  10. The WC always clashes with *something* in the USA.

    An NFL game on at the same time will be a bit wank but pretty easy to watch both at once nowadays.

    The rest of the sports you mention? Who cares. Most College Football fans are pretty fake and only want to watch ‘their’ team when they are winning every game. Ask most of them who their team are playing in the next couple of weeks and most of them won’t know.

    Regionally some of the WC games may lose some audience but nationally? Not much I’d say.

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