FA to Take No Further Action Over Theo Walcott Gesture

The Football Association has ruled that it will take no further action over Theo Walcott’s gesture that enraged Tottenham Hotspur supporters during the 2-0 win for the Gunners in the FA Cup Third Round on Saturday.

In a statement by the English Football Association, the organization said “The FA has contacted Arsenal’s Theo Walcott and reminded him of his responsibilities regarding a ‘scoreline’ gesture he made in front of away supporters during the game.”

While Walcott will not receive any disciplinary action, The FA has contacted both Arsenal and Tottenham to seek their observations in relation to objects being thrown from both a home and away section of the crowd at different times during Saturday’s FA Cup tie.

“The FA condemns any such acts and will liaise with both clubs and the Metropolitan Police to identify those responsible and support the strongest sanctions available, including life bans.”

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14 thoughts on “FA to Take No Further Action Over Theo Walcott Gesture”

  1. He didn’t give an obscene gesture. He was, however, being a massive smartarse (while being carried away on a stretcher, might I add).

  2. Seriously, if you’re the kind of person who gets enraged over a player flashing the scoreline at you while you hurl insults at him, you probably shouldn’t be attending any football matches. And you should probably grow up.

  3. The people that I’ve spoken to who went said it was a minority of drunk arseholes, there were far more spurs fans who’d had coins thrown at them and were spat on by Farsenal supports from the tiers above and the right side of the away enclosure.

    I hope the FA are going to give the same lifetime bans to those Frasenal fans that spat and threw coins on Spurs fans.

    1. Life long ban is pretty harsh for Spud supporters. Having to go the rest of their life supporting that punch line of a club is punishment enough.

  4. If Spurs fans are so fragile that an opposing player gesturing the score with his fingers send you into a rage so you throw stuff at him get a life.I don’t care how much you HATE Arsenal it does not give you the right to throw anything at any player.It is a frigging game not life and death.That is why it is a very short walk from fan to fanatic.

  5. Actually, I thought it was pretty clever, if a bit cheeky. At least he didn’t flash them something else.

    On a side note, I just read that Millwall has hired Ian Holloway. Smokey must be over the moon. 😉

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