WATCH Boy Cries As Nottingham Forest Thrash West Ham In FA Cup [VIDEO]

A young West Ham United supporter burst out in tears Sunday during the match between his club and Nottingham Forest, as the Championship side thrashed the Hammers 5-0 at the City Ground.

The young boy, who was in the away section with fellow West Ham United supporters, broke down in tears and had to be consoled by his father after Forest went three-nil up against the Premier League club.

West Ham United’s display against Nottingham Forest was pathetic for two reasons. First, this team should be ashamed of themselves.

Even though the Hammers played several youngsters, the team should be performing better than what they did today, where they were completely outplayed by Nottingham Forest.

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Second, West Ham’s display sums up everything that is wrong about the FA Cup from a Premier League perspective where club managers frankly don’t care about the tournament any more, and place a higher priority on the Premier League and, in West Ham’s case, the League Cup in which they’ll play in this week.

West Ham United should reimburse their away supporters who spent their hard-earned money to travel to Nottingham today for a Noon UK time kick-off.

Here’s the video of the young boy who cried, which sums up everything that’s wrong with the FA Cup and West Ham United today:

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  1. I saw that during the game and felt sorry for the kid and utter disgust for Fat Sam for tanking the game. He should be fired for this. It’s one thing to not take the competition seriously but quite another when your team doesn’t put in the effort.

  2. Being a fan is one thing, you invest all your heart and dedication in your team and expect them to give you everything back that they have in return. Then you grow up and realize that this is a business. You support your team but you understand you cannot have everything you want from your club. West Ham’s priority is to stay up. Yeah you can get pride from winning games in the Cup but you can realistically lose your job if you get throttled in your league. You can argue until you are blue in the face on how to fix it but that ‘traditionalist’ fan cries about teams should do it for pride. But last time I checked, pride doesn’t keep a team from being relegated nor going into administration. Just listen to the 606 from yesterday with the call from Andrew in London to understand why.
    Hey, here are a couple of ideas that will get lambasted. One, stop the automatic entry of teams into the Cup or award League points in the Cup to make the games realistic worth slating your top players to play. If a team is forced to play it, they might as well reap a tangible benefit from it you know to help avoid that drop. And how about prying that second Champions League spot out of the BPL and putting it in the Cup, teams will definitely won’t to play then.
    Remember be a fan but also be realistic. I try explaining fans but they believe so hard it makes it easier to separate them from their money when they have all that pride.

  3. This is what happens when it’s all about the bottom line. The romance of the cup is dead when even teams like West Ham prioritize staying in the EPL over a cup run. Clubs forget that fans are their lifeblood. To not give 100% in every game is disgusting to the average fan. They expect their teams to compete at everything. The EPL is ruining the FA Cup.

    1. Here is where I take issue when people talk about the romance of the Cup and teams not siding there best teams. Let’s take West Ham for instance, they play in both the Premier League and are automatically entered into the FA Cup. Now the odds are that they are not going to finish in the top of any of the competitions. However, that League is what keeps the team afloat and attracts the players. For some of the players, mostly those born in the UK, dreamed about FA Cup glory, but they realistically understand the goal of any season is to finish high enough in your league to stay in your League. You here about players with contracts with release clauses if their club gets relegated. Have you heard of a player having a clause if they do not play in the FA Cup? This is before we even get to the financials. And let’s not forget players get sat in a season if they are not 100% even if they still could out play some on the field who are slightly injured. If the passionate fan were the manager, they would side that top side in every game and risk getting players hurt in an FA Cup game that is all about ‘pride’ and then start losing games in your league when you eventually get knocked out by that team with the healthier and deeper rosters. Then your team gets relegated, loses some of it’s top players, loses sponsors, and you get fired. And depending on your teams particular situation, you fall into administration and further down the Leagues. Hey but at least you had ‘pride’ in that 2014 FA Cup you can look back on years from now when you are still trying to make the climb. And that is the true reality of the FA Cup. Wigan won’t be back next year and maybe not the year after. Their board can stare at that trophy but where the fan sees pride the board sees trouble keeping afloat; bittersweet. Blaming the BPL and or the Football League solely for the Cups decline is misplaced anger. They just understand the reality of times. Fans need to understand this to because at the end of the day just like the various boardrooms the business side is just as important as pride.

      1. Back in the day before the EPL when teams could only use 1 sub but played a similar number of games as they do now, there was none of this privatizing stuff. Teams would give 100% every week. If I was a fan of Villa or West Ham today I would want a refund. In Villas case, the manager quit before a ball was kicked. And West Ham basically rolled over and died. They should demand a refund. Enough is enough. It’s only a viable business if the fans show up. It can’t all be about TV money.

        1. Yes back in the day. Prioritizing is very important these days. Like when a team as to decide do they need and extra striker or a defender because their budget does not allow for both. which is the right thing to do with the League and the FA Cup. Hey and don’t forget about the staff that is employed by the clubs either and I’m not referring to just the coaching staff. They will suffer worse than the fan when that drop happens too. It is good to have pride in things but its also one of the seven deadly sins. And that’s the problem with ‘traditionalist’, the inability accept change. The fix does not require money it just requires that Cup for automatically qualified teams affects their league seasons’ and needs to be treated as such. What is the problem with awarding League points teams and the second Champions League spot to the winner? After all the League and FA Cups are asking teams to risk their league seasons to participate.

  4. It is called life some days your the nail and some days your the hammer.Trust me being a Forest fan i know about being a nail.

  5. well tbh i think big sam should SHOW this to the players before EVERY match,to make them realise who and how they are letting there fans down,,on another note on M.O.D they announced that west ham have invited the boy to the directors box,,which is a nice jesture..

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