Jose Mourinho Says Luis Suarez Should Have Received Yellow Card For Diving After Eto’o Collision [VIDEO]

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho showed his true colors today when in a post-match interview, he said that Luis Suarez should have received a yellow card for taking a dive after colliding with Chelsea striker Samuel Eto’o in the penalty area.

Mourinho said that by the way Suarez dived, it made it look like someone had shot him in the back, and that the incident should have resulted in a clear yellow card for he Liverpool striker.

In the same incredulous comment by Mourinho, the Chelsea manager blew off suggestions that Eto’o should have received a red card for two incidents in the match — the aforementioned foul on Suarez as well as a foul in the first couple of minutes of the match, where he could have easily been red carded.

Here’s a clip of Eto’o fouling Suarez in the box:

And here’s Mourinho’s analysis of the incidents, in the post-match interview (including his complaint that Eden Hazard was fouled in the penalty box):

Lastly, here’s Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers with his thoughts on the game and key moments:

9 thoughts on “Jose Mourinho Says Luis Suarez Should Have Received Yellow Card For Diving After Eto’o Collision [VIDEO]”

  1. Even IF Suarez threw up his arms theatrically, the fact that Eto’o caught Suarez’s far shin with his toe AND turned his hip in to create even more contact is a stonewall pen. Hazard, on the other hand, CLEARLY started going to ground well before any contact was made, the same of which cannot be said of Suarez here.

    Ultimately this isn’t about what Mourinho said but a string of decisions Howard Webb made that altered the match, most notably (for me) in not sending off much less booking Eto’o for a genuinely malicious and dangerous high boot on Henderson, who was hobbled for the remainder of the match. Webb set the precedent on that very first call which basically signaled to Chelsea that pretty much everything was fair play.

    1. Your not getting a pen off the ball chasing late in a match. Its just not happening. And you say IF, as if there is a question on IF he went to ground and way over exaggerated it. That was pretty clear. That said, yes, Howard Webb blew the opening call. I don’t care if its the 1st or 90th minute, a bad tackle is a bad tackle. No way should Eto’o even been on the field.

      1. Suarez may have embellished a bit, but Eto’o clearly stuck out his leg to stop Suarez.

        I do agree, that is almost never going to be called for a penalty, unless it is Ashley Young.

  2. I wish they could call fouls in the box without it being an automatic penalty. It was most certainly a foul, as Eto’o stepped his hip in to block Suarez, but the foul didn’t result in a loss of a scoring chance, just kept Suarez from having a chance at stealing the ball back.

    I agree on the Henderson challenge. I have absolutely no idea why he was allowed to play after that. My problem with Webb is that games like this can become too physical because he allows things to get out of hand.

    Chelsea played like the Broad Street bullies in order to try and mitigate Liverpool’s speed. The initial challenge on Henderson was a message.

    1. Plus 1 on a Broad St Bullies reference. Eto’o as Billie Barber!

      The foul on Henderson was pretty nasty.

      But, all in all, probably a fair result. Willian and Hazard were excellent, and Suarez barely got a touch. Perhaps a different match with Stevie and/or Sturridge.

    2. I know it will never happen, but I would like to see two rule changes from FIFA. First is have a 12 yard box for fouls/penalty kicks and leave the 18 for goalies to handle the ball. The second, is if you dive in the 12 yard box, it isn’t a yellow for simulation, but the other team gets a penalty. You would see a whole lot less people going to ground then.

  3. Suarez didn’t do himself any favors by being theatrical. Definitely a penalty though.

    Liverpool haven’t won a big game in 3 years when Howard Webb has been the referee.

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