Premier League Gameweek 18, Boxing Day: Open Thread

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day and that you’re ready and rested for today’s Boxing Day matches where we have the rare treat of all 20 Premier League clubs playing on the same day.

Here’s today’s TV schedule for soccer fans in the United States:

Hull City vs Manchester United, 7:45am, NBC Sports Network
West Ham United vs Arsenal, 10am, NBCSN
Chelsea vs Swansea, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Aston Villa vs Crystal Palace, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Cardiff vs Southampton, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Everton vs Sunderland, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Newcastle vs Stoke, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Norwich vs Fulham, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Tottenham vs West Brom, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Manchester City vs Liverpool, 12:30pm, NBC Sports Network & mun2

Starting lineups:

Manchester City:Hart, Zabaleta, Lescott, Kompany, Kolarov, Fernandinho, Yaya Toure, Nasri, Silva, Negredo, Navas

Liverpool: Mignolet, Cissokho, Skrtel, Sakho, Johnson, Lucas, Allen, Henderson, Sterling, Coutinho, Suarez

Before, during or after today’s matches, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans from around the world.

Have a wonderful Boxing Day!

48 thoughts on “Premier League Gameweek 18, Boxing Day: Open Thread”

  1. Oh dear. United two down already after 15 minutes. Still lots of time for United to get back into it. Can the old United show up?

  2. Happy Boxing Day everyone – hope your team does well for you today!

    Unfortunately for me, the Manchester United defense has been absolutely shocking. Yes there might be questions about the corner which led to the 1st goal, but both goals were scored because of poor decisions

  3. What a game! Three goals in 20 minutes, and it looks like it’s going to be a very open encounter.

    Great game for the neutrals. Come on Hull and Man United!

  4. And Rooney’s amazing 150th EPL goal makes it 4 goals in 25mins & anyone’s game with a lot of time left. It’s fair to stay those who are enjoying lunch (UK), woke up early (US) or staying up late (Aust & parts of Asia) are being rewarded!

    And to think there’s 9 more games after this to come…

      1. yea, I’m kind of annoyed by all of his little tidbits…I think he said instead of playmakers they used to be called schemers.

  5. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Boxing Day should be a holiday in the US as in UK and Canada. Or at least have the EPL play the day after Thanksgiving. It looks like it took ManU a bit to get rid of the Christmas hangover but it’s a good match when it could of been a drab 0-1 ManU win.

  6. Another game that United had no business winning. Then, again, that’s about 80% of United’s games…it doesn’t hide the fact that this is a mediocre United side that will struggle to finish in the top 6 this season.

    BTW, Danny Welbeck is a beer league player…it will be laughable if he makes England’s WC roster…

    1. Yeah. I guess you only should get three points when you play well. Jealous much I dare say. I guess it it is kind of hard to win againstba team with the best home defence, also held Man city to a lowly 2 goals AT the Etihad. Not like they are a bunch of mugs. Not to mention we were missing RVP, Carrick, Jones and this is Darren Fletchers first start in one year after coming back from illness. Any team that comes to the KC is going to struggle they have a very good defense so stop being childish and articulate your points better instead of coming across as bitter and jealous.

  7. Begovic has broken his finger in training. He’s been worth the best part of 10 points so far this season. Sorenson in today with Butland on the bench.

  8. Two yellows, a red, and a penalty all on iffy calls in 6 minutes.. Well Stoke-Newcastle is rigged, us American fans would appreciate it if you Europeans could clean up the rigged matches in your professional soccer leagues. By the way, the equalizer was set up by an uncalled handball on the other end. We are down two guys and another Stoke player just got a yellow for nothing.

  9. Can’t wait for Martin Atkinson to referee his next match at the Britannia Stadium, he’ll get a warm welcome I’m sure.

    Mark Hughes will be awaiting the comfort of Mike Riley’s phone call as I type this.

    1. Out of all of the teams in the Premier League, Newcastle United are the dirtiest, so I understand Stoke’s frustration with the Toon and the referee.

  10. With Sunderland, Fulham and Palace all winning today, and looking at the table, you have 11 teams that are potential relegation candidates: all the way up to Stoke City…

    When you thought the top of the table was congested…there will be some major relegation drama come May.

  11. Coutinho’s goal should open this game up and make it one to remember, forcing City to apply more pressure on Liverpool. It’s set up to be another great match today.

  12. Linesman, Skrtel and goalie have conspired to bury Liverpool today. I’m gonna be sick.

    Martin should seriously stop dragging people down in the penalty area every game. It’s a penalty waiting to happen. Every game. And the one time he had to stop Kompany, he failed.

    This is a good, confident and improving Liverpool side. Not quite a title candidate, but surely can secure a top 4 finish.

  13. City – Liverpool exciting 1st half, this is some great end to end stuff and what the Premier League is about. The polar opposite of Arsenal – Chelsea on Monday.

  14. Manchester City have holes in their defense, so Liverpool will certainly get more chances to score. The bottom line in this match will be whether Liverpool can convert their chances or not.

    1. You summed it up perfectly with that: “The bottom line in this match will be whether Liverpool can convert their chances or not.”

    1. When did he dive? Certainly not when Kompany turned his kit from a medium to an XXXXL. Not when Kompany pushed him once, he stayed on his feet, then got another desperate shove in the back. Or how about when he was kneed in the back just outside the area? Heaven forbid he show a little bit of pain and grievance after that one.

      1. Aaron, how about when Kompany was pulling his shirt (and he was, and could have been a foul) and he went flying the opposite direction with his hands in the air like he just took 4 shots to the chest from a large caliber rifle? Suarez is an amazing talent, but he spends as much time diving as Tom Daley.

        1. Embellishment to call attention to an ACTUAL foul is NOT a dive. Are you seriously suggesting that Suarez acted in such a way during that play as to have justified a yellow card had the referee deemed it so? A dive is, after all, a bookable offense, particularly when it occurs inside the penalty area. No, the referee didn’t call it because he KNEW that if he did he would have to completely ignore Kompany’s very obvious and aggressive shirt tugging which would have put him in a lot of hot water. Better to just poo-poo Suarez (who was blatantly fouled on several other plays without penalty earlier), England’s whipping boy, and count on the eager boo-birds to hop back on the bandwagon.

          Suarez has been guilty in the past of playing things up, but you can’t have watched that match, seen what he fought through, seen the fouls that he should have won but didn’t get, and think he was anything but hard done by.

  15. Considering Liverpool have gone from a 7th place finish last season to getting themselves in the thick of things up to this point, they’ve done a good job today. The Etihad isn’t the easiest place to go – they’ve had wins with 6 past Arsenal, 6 past Tottenham, 3 past Everton, 4 past Man United, 4 past Newcastle – so for Liverpool to lose 2-1 isn’t the worst result in the world I don’t think.

    They can walk away today with their heads held high. It’s glaringly obvious that there’s still a lot of work to be done but the important thing is they’re moving in the right direction. Keep their heads down, take each game as it comes, and a very possible top 4 finish can see Liverpool return to sit amongst the so called big boys once again.

    Bring on Chelsea next.

  16. One other thing – I HATE it when there’s a stupid decision in any game, whether it be a game like Stoke v Sunderland or a Manchester derby – the amount of money in the game these days should mean we’ve got PROFESSIONAL officials who are spot on with what they do.

    Fair enough if the call is marginal… mistakes happen at full speed. But when a player is MILES onside, it’s nothing short of criminal, especially when the overall result hinged on it.

    Such is life though!

  17. Liverpool got robbed by several calls. Sterling was onside. Moses didn’t touch Zabaleta. Suarez got his shirt pulled big time by (what’s his name?) in the box. Suarez got carded for barely touching Hart. Sheesh.

  18. City supporter here. The offsides call definitely was wrong. Not a well officiated match at all. How many times did Skrtel grab Kompany’s shirt? Glad for the result though.

  19. LFC should have had 4 other goals today. Sterling “offsides” call, Suarez shot that was going in blocked by Henderson into an offside, Hendersons back heel flick that should have been an Allen tap in and Sterlings flub in the 6yd box. Liverpool’s defense played exactly like I thought. No clear cut chances for City inside the box even though City had good possession around the area. City’s threat came in set pieces and even then Liverpool defended those better than usual. They gave up no dangerous free kicks around the area neutralizing Toure. Cant believe Mignolet made the mistake that ultimately was the difference. I think Liverpool did everything they set out to do on the road, holding City to 2 goals is nothing to sneeze at. All in all I thought LFC played well and deserved a result. If they take that tenacity to Stanford Bridge, I believe Liverpool can end Mourinhos home unbeaten streak.

    1. City had some more chances than you are giving credit for. Liverpool was VERY lucky they weren’t capitalized on their numerous HORRIBLE turnovers in their own 1/3.

      1. That one sequence with Cissokho giving it away consecutively was stressing but it didnt result in shots so no official chances given. Mignolet had no difficult saves to make, including the winner, and that was Liverpool’s defense around the area

  20. Crazy football day… How Reid didn’t get a second yellow for his challenge on Rose is a joke…an all around nightmare for officials…again.

    Sherwoods playground tactics again look ridiculous… How fortunate are Spurs stoke lost begovic and 2 reds today?

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