How Luis Suarez’s Numbers Compare to Ronaldo, Zlatan, Aguero and Lewandowski

Before this season, we knew of Luis Suarez‘s prowess as a talented yet controversial figure. The Liverpool forward had 23 goals in the 2012-2013 season, second to only Robin van Persie (26). In the same season he accumulated ten yellow cards for his behavior. He recorded two hat tricks against Wigan and Norwich. His numbers during the 2012- 2013 placed him as being second best. He ended up losing the Footballer of the Year Award to Gareth Bale and the goal race to RVP.

Similar to Cristiano Ronaldo, being known as second best is not enough. This mentality pushes these athletes to be better, stronger, faster, sooner. Suarez passing his last record of 23 goals is highly attainable. Due to his twilight re-enaction, Suarez was punished on the 2013-2014 season.  He missed five games, approximately 450 minutes of gameplay, yet his numbers are exquisite.

Numbers don’t lie and they reveal their own story. The chart you see below includes some of the most prolific players of our time. Cristiano Ronaldo is the goal leader of La Liga, and very likely to be given the Ballon d’Or award. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the current leading goal scorer of Ligue 1 with Paris Saint-Germain. Robert Lewandowski is the current goal leader of the Bundesliga. We included Sergio Aguero since he is currently second to Luis Suarez in the Premier League goal tally.



Minutes Played

Avg Min/goal

Penalty kick goals


Luis Suarez






Sergio Aguero






Cristiano Ronaldo






Robert Lewandowski






Zlatan Ibrahimovic






Across Europe, the raw numbers dictate Suarez is tied with Ronaldo in goals. When we look closer, we see that Ronaldo has played over 120 minutes more than Suarez. Penalty kicks are meant to give the player an obvious advantage over the keeper. The footballer is more likely to score than to miss, but while these goals are somewhat challenging, they should not be given full credit. Ronaldo is the designated penalty taker for Real Madrid. And of his 17 goals, five of them are penalty kicks. In Liverpool, Steven Gerrard bears that responsibility, and rightly so. Luis Suarez, without the luxury of taking penalty kicks and having less time, still manages to be better and more efficient than Cristiano Ronaldo.

Perfectly placed free kicks, one touch goals, goals that are purely from determination and hustle, have made Liverpool a pleasure to watch this season.

Goals aside, how many yellow card does the controversial Suarez have this season? Just one. Suarez received a yellow card in the Everton game. He has obviously matured, and the diving has toned down a lot, which is a relief to everyone from the club, his teammates, his supporters and the neutral observers who appreciate his talent.

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14 thoughts on “How Luis Suarez’s Numbers Compare to Ronaldo, Zlatan, Aguero and Lewandowski”

  1. yeah, ronaldo played 326 minutes more, which on Suarez’ current ‘avg mins/goal’ equates to a further 5.6 goals for Suarez, putting him well ahead of Ronaldo et al, without any penalties! If Suarez keeps this rate up Liverpool will be able to demand a world record fee far in excess of ronaldo/bale etc, but I’d rather him stay at Anfield no matter how much he could be sold for……look where Bales millions have got spurs!!!

  2. Good comparison. Suarez is abe everyoe ast stands in terms f scorng and creating is own goals.

    You mentioned CR7 playing over 120 minutes more than LS7, why not go ahead and say Suarez has played 326 minutes less than Ronaldo? Thas 3 and a half ess games, plus no PKs, which means from open playand set pieces Luis is at 58 min/goal and Ronaldo is only at 109 min/goal. That’s the real diference!

  3. Suarez is having a great season, but if I had to choose between him and Ronaldo, it’s a no-brainer. Ronaldo has the size, leadership, and mental stability that Suarez lacks. Ronaldo also plays for a club with more options than Suarez.

    1. Real Madrid might have more options, but that doesn’t mean that Ronaldo doesn’t hog the shots. According to espnfc shot stats:

      Ronaldo – 120 shots (holy crap!)
      Bale – 31 shots
      Benzema – 41 shots
      Di Maria – 27 shots

      Suarez – 68 shots
      Sturridge – 41
      Coutinho – 41
      Gerrard – 29
      Henderson – 27

      As for the rest of the shot stats:
      Lewandowski – 62
      Zlatan – 84
      Aguero – 62

      1. Holy crap is right! I knew it was up there, but not that high. To be fair, the Real Madrid site says 119 shots. 😉

        Liverpool’s site lists his total shots as 57. Hmmm.

  4. You cats are eager to talk about the fewer minutes played by Suarez, but you’re ignoring the why behind it. It’ not like he was injured, rotated or otherwise not used, he was ineligible due to his imbecilic behaviour on the pitch.

    Any player who consistently and unapologetically renders himself ineligible for portions of your season can’t be given a pass for missing said portions.


    1. 1) He did apologize, he actually called Ivanovic and personally apologized.

      2) You are the one missing the point, regardless of why he failed to play the first 5 games, his statistics ARE above Ronaldo

      3) You are entitled to hate,if that is what you want; but get your facts right


      1. 1) Actions speak louder than words. Say “sorry” all you want, but you’ll find you say it a lot less if you don’t behave like a bellend.

        2) Your stats mean nothing and you are zero use to your team when you’re in the stands.

        3) Not hate, just the realization that an asset needs to be taken in its full context, not just in packages that conveniently ignore or try to mask less complimentary aspects.


        1. You said he was “unapologetically”; you are totally wrong.

          The articles compares statistics, and you turned it into a soap opera: you totally missed the point!

          I rest my case and choose to move on.

    2. No, he can’t but, when he leads the EPL in scoring in spite of that, it does seem to make it a bit more impressive.

      Suarez needs to mature up. I really hope he does.

  5. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Suarez doesn’t play for a title-winning team and that’s why he doesn’t get the notoriety he deserves. Now that Liverpool are in second place everyone is taking note of Suarez’s prowess. He’s been doing it all along, even in Holland.

  6. Kun is my choice he never does anything to harm his side.Suarez is not a one time offender he is a repeat offender.I still want to see how he handles a title chase in the EPL we know how Kun handled the pressure.

    1. Yep, he vanishes… where was he last year? No where to be seen. And even when they won the League how many goals did he score??

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