Sling International Product Review; Watch beIN SPORT Online Without TV Subscription

For soccer fans in the United States, live streaming of beIN SPORT is now available for $10/month via a new service named Sling International.

I had a chance to test drive the service this weekend, and here’s how it works. Sling International, not to be confused with DISH Network although they’re part of the same company (you don’t have to be a DISH subscriber in order to use Sling International), and not to be confused with beIN SPORT Play (they’re completely different products), is a live streaming service that features sports and international channels that you can watch on your TV, phone or Roku device.

Once you sign up for the Sling International package via the Sling International website (no contracts required; $10/month), setup takes a few minutes. You download an app via their website (the app is available for PC, Mac, Android tablet or phone, iPad, iPhone, iOS, Roku and Samsung TV or Samsung Blu-Ray devices).

Then you log in (see screenshot below) with the username and password you created when you signed up for the service, and you’re in.

The interface is easy to use and not overwhelming. And the streaming quality when I used the app was superb. No buffering. No pixelation. Just very high quality video and audio.

There’s also a “Watchlist” feature if you want to mark certain programming for viewing at a later date.

A brilliant feature is that you can go back through the TV guide for the last 8 days to play any of the programming you may have missed, or want to watch again.

Another neat feature is that when you join programming that has already started, you can select to either watch it from the beginning or join it live in progress (see screenshot below).

With the Sports package, you can watch programming from any of the following channels: beIN SPORT, beIN SPORT Espanol, One World Sports, Universal Sports (which offers rugby, cycling and other sports) and the Nautical Channel. With One World Sports, you can watch Arsenal TV, Chelsea TV and Bayern Munich TV.

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With your Sports package subscription, you also have access (at no additional cost) to movies and English-speaking international channels. With the way the dashboard is designed, you can watch live programming (see below) on the left screen, while browsing through what other content is available in the right window.

Or you can focus on the game you’re watching by closing the right window pane, or you can view the match via full-screen.

Sling International fills a void for two completely different types of customers: (1) for soccer fans who unable to subscribe to beIN SPORT because their TV provider doesn’t offer it (COX, Charter, etc), and (2) for cordcutters, who want to free themselves from a TV contract but are interested in a streaming only package.

With a 30-day subscription to Sling International, you can select from a ton of games via beIN SPORT.

Check out Sling International today for more information. And when you’re ready to sign up, visit this page.

beIN SPORT has the exclusive rights to La Liga, Serie A, Ligue Un, Africa World Cup qualifiers, Copa America 2015, Championship, League Cup, Coppa Italia, Copa del Rey and more. One World Sports has the rights to Chelsea TV, Arsenal TV, Bayern Munich TV, NASL, J-League and more.

Sling International is only available to residents of the United States.

Listen to our interview with Sling International to learn more about the service.


102 thoughts on “Sling International Product Review; Watch beIN SPORT Online Without TV Subscription”

  1. Thank you gaffer. This is great.

    I just saw this service the other day but was under the impression you had to subscribe to one of their foreign language channels (like Arabic, Hindi, urdu, Chinese, etc)to get the sports tier for free. Great that you can get just the sports package for $10. I’ll definitely be signing up to see how good it is. Great news for us soccer junkies who don’t get beIn.

  2. Do the games have to b watched live?
    Im rarely home from work in time to watch weekday games and theres only certain times during the weekend that i can watch stuff too so to be able to watch replays would be nice.

    Great news by the way.

    1. A brilliant feature is that you can go back through the TV guide for the last 8 days to play any of the programming you may have missed, or want to watch again.

    1. No. But, for full disclosure, World Soccer Talk receives a small commission for each signup. We don’t often endorse products, but this is one that works very well and provides a valuable service to soccer fans who don’t otherwise have access to beIN SPORT.

    1. Correct. It’s currently available on the Mac, but not on iPhone or iPad. But it is available on Android devices.

  3. So is this feature only with what is actually aired on the BeInSport Channel? Do you have access to all of the live games on BeInSport Play?

    My cable provider currently only has FSC (UEFA), NBCS (EPL), and Gol (Bundesliga). Until a service like Roku can stream all EPL games live (City fan), I can’t quit cable. I’ve heard rumors of NBC sports talking with Roku, but we’ll see where it goes.

    1. Good question. All of the content shown on beIN SPORT and beIN SPORT Espanol (as well as One Sports World) is available on DishWorld, but that doesn’t include beIN SPORT Play content.

      1. Sorry just to clarify — I understand that you cannot see beinsportplay content on dishworld itself, but does subscribing to BeIN through dishworld grant you credentials to watch content on the web? I note that Dish is one of the few carriers which authenticates users on

        1. I double checked and DishWorld does not provide access to the content that’s available on beIN SPORT Play at this time.

  4. The guy who sits next to me at work has this and he let me use it for the recent Man Utd v Liverpool Carling. It’s an excellent service but not enough content I am interested in for me to pay.

  5. This would be a great fit for Goltv as so many providers have dropped it( doubt it will happen as history has shown that Bein and Goltv do not not seem to co-exist on any viewing platform (suspect we have Bein to thank for this).

  6. Chris, think Bein Espanol has English SAP on some systems, would you please check to see if this option exists on Dishworld?-having La Liga and Adelante games in English would be worth 10 a month for me.

    1. They have beIN SPORT in English-language, as well as beIN SPORT en Espanol.

      I checked anyway, but there’s no SAP, just CC. But like I said, they have games commentated and announced in English on beIN SPORT — the main network.

      1. Chris, I don’t know if I looked right, but on both, roku channel and android app, I can see only bein sport 1. The advertised bein sport espanol is missing.n

        1. Manny, I checked into it. beIN SPORT Espanol is definitely available on Roku and Android devices, as well as the other devices listed. But the channel is off-air a lot and only shows games for a few hours a day, but beIN SPORT Espanol is there, I verified.

    1. Sports is really the last barrier for many to cut the chord but the unfortunate truth is that it is against the better financial interest for most sports networks to offer stand-alone internet access to customers. Doing so would kill their golden goose that is bundled pay tv packages.

  7. Think I figured out why earlier poster was having issue with Espanol. Bein sport and Bein Espanol are 2 seperate channels (Espanol shows a lot more La Liga and also some Adelante matches), however it seems that Dish does not offer the Espanol channel, what they do have on a seperate channel is Bein Sport set to Spanish via Sap that only broadcasts during live events. Therefore if you’re like me and only have Bein Sport via TV, this will not get you the additional La Liga matches.

    1. I think this answers my question. The dishworld “espanol” channel is not the REAL channel from

      The dishworld option is just an alternate channel where randomly something is broadcast.

      1. That’s incorrect. DishWorld broadcasts beIN SPORTS Espanol, which is a HD feed of the same thing that beIN SPORTS Espanol shows.

        beIN Sports Play is something entirely different, not available on DishWorld, and only available via limited TV providers.

  8. Chris, can you use your influence with the folks at DishWorld to get Dishnetwork to show Premier League Extra Time ?

    1. I can certainly recommend that they encourage their superiors to make it happen, but I can’t promise it’ll result in anything. Doesn’t hurt for me to try though.

  9. Yeah, I notice that you don’t make mention of the quality of the One World Sports stream which is running at about 480p…better than the pirate streams online, but still pretty terrible for viewing on a big screen with Roku. Any idea when OWS might have an HD stream?

    1. I didn’t neglect to include that information on purpose. I don’t own a Roku, so I wasn’t able to test DishWorld on that. I’ll check to see if I can find out when a HD stream will be available.

      1. Poryorick, a HD stream of One World Sports should be available in the next month or so according to DishWorld.

  10. Sounds like a great service. However, can you confirm what would happen if there are concurrent La Liga matches broadcast live? Would it follow the TV schedule on its website or give us options to choose which match we want to see. According to current TV schedule for La Liga on beIN sports website for this weekend, they have not yet mentioned any particular matches but just reserved time slots. Real Madrid plays at 10:00 AM EST on saturday, and there is no time slot for a live sports event that matches with it. So does that mean that I won’t be able to watch the Real Madrid match this weekend despite having subscription to beIN sports?

    1. If there are concurrent La Liga games on, for example one on beIN SPORT and another one on beIN SPORT Espanol, then you could select between either game. Or switch back and forth as you like.

      DishWorld will show whatever beIN SPORT and beIN SPORT Espanol shows on television (as well as One World Sports and the other channels it makes available).

  11. I’m a chelsea fan in the states, so do i get to watch all of the chelsea matches with this service? or do i need nbc sports for that?

    1. NBC Sports is what you need for that. But if you want to watch more coverage of Chelsea (interviews, and other exclusive footage), you can get Chelsea TV via DishWorld (on their One World Sports channel) which provides that.

    1. The streams were only 30 seconds off for me. But a lot of it depends on Internet connectivity, processing power on your computer, etc.

      The quality is far better than illegal streams. Plus, it’s Malware free unlike some illegal streams.

  12. Could you please tell me what “premiere” means next to the listing on beIN Sport. It will either read “Live” or “premiere” Wanted to watch Milan and while it was listed I could not access it. I am using the 48 hour trial of Dishworld sports.

    1. If you live in the United States, all of the La Liga games (including Real Madrid and Barcelona) are shown on beIN SPORT and/or beIN SPORT Espanol, so with a subscription to DishWorld you can see all of their games.

    1. DishWorld shows games from beIN SPORT, beIN SPORT Espanol and One World Sports, so the only United games it would show are Capital One Cup games that are shown on beIN SPORT.

  13. nobody has mentioned anything about
    World cup 2014 ?
    if I subscribe for this service will they televise any of the world cup soccer games ?

        1. Not on DishWorld. You’ll be able to watch it on Univision and ESPN this summer if you live in the United States.

  14. Thanks Chris
    I have something need to be clarified.

    1. Can I watch on multiple platforms? I have a Samsung Smart TV which has the Dishworld app, but can I watch on both TV and my laptop with one subscription? Of course at different timing.

    2. How much bandwidth does one typical match on beIN Sport use? I see it is on 720p. Does it cost much bandwidth?

    3. If there are multiple matches at the same time, do I have option to choose which one to watch or just what beIN Sport is showing? I am an Inter Milan fan and I watch mostly SerieA games, and other leagues’ big names. I don’t want to miss any Inter Milan match.

    4. Meanwhile, my brother is a Chelsea fan. I see One World Sports has Chelsea TV, does it have all the live Chelsea matches? Is there any chance what we can watch both a live EPL match and a live SerieA match if they are at the same time?

    1. thu nguyen, here are the answers to your questions:

      1) You need to get the family plan at checkout for extra streams. 3 max.
      1 stream free, 2 streams = $5/mo, 3 streams = $10/month.

      If someone already has a subscription, they need to call customer service to add more streams.

      2) Assuming a two hour soccer match, we’re looking at between 170 MB and 3 GB.

      If you use the bandwidth limiting settings in the application, it’s 450 MB for a 500kbps stream, 900 MB for a 1 Mbps stream, 1.35 GB for a 1.5 Mbps stream, etc. BEIN1HD caps out at 3.6 Mbps.

      3) You can only watch what beIN SPORT, beIN SPORT Espanol and One World Sports is showing.

      4) It has Chelsea matches on delay, not live.

  15. so, i’m sure I am far behind the times here, but i wanted to confirm that bein sports, through roku/dishworld, will NOT play EPL games?

    1. Correct. DishWorld does show One World Sports, though, which shows Chelsea TV and Arsenal TV (games are shown on delay a couple of days after the match).

  16. I am still unclear: Will World Cup 2014 be available on DishWorld? English or Spanish, I’m happy either way; as a cable cutter, ESPN and Univision are not available to me.

    1. If you live in the United States, the only two networks that have rights to show the World Cup are ESPN and Univision, so no DishWorld will not be carrying it.

    1. You can watch World Cup highlights and a nightly review show at 10pm ET on beIN SPORTS via DishWorld.

  17. I subscribed but when I try to install the app in Windows 7 it gives this error: “Error Applying transforms”…do you use it in Windows 7?? Thanks.

      1. I spoke with them but no luck…can you please send me an older version or the one you installed so I can try with it?

  18. Does the programming schedule for both beIN sports and beIN sports Espanol match the schedule of On dishworld when I sign up, the beIN sports Espanol does not have any programming .

  19. I just signed up for Dish World. Everything is good so far except Bein Espanol is not HD which is very disappointing.

    1. It’s a live feed from the beIN SPORTS Espanol TV network. Unfortunately beIN SPORTS Espanol is not in HD yet.

      1. Thanks for the answer. It’d be great if you can inquire if it’s going to be presented in HD at some point. I absolutely love the 8-Day Replay auto-records feature but I can’t choose any of the Bein Espanol programming from last week. Do you know if that feature works with that channel?

        1. Unfortunately beIN SPORTS doesn’t have a PR company representing them, so it’s hard to get any information from them. But if/when beIN SPORTS adds HD for its beIN SPORTS Espanol channel, we’ll be sure to write an article about it.

          Regarding the replay question, check with DishWorld at

  20. Chris has stated repeatedly that Bein Espanyol mirrors what we get on TV(it does not-check the schedule)now I appreciate everything Chris has done for this site and would never doubt his intregrity, however The Dishworld Bein Espanyol only broadcasts part-time for live events unlike the real ‘Espanyol’ which broadcasts 24 hours per day

    1. That was certainly true over last weekend but now it seems like they are showing everything the real channel is showing. Now if only they made Espanyol HD, dishworld would be perfect.

  21. Hi Chris, can I watch Champions League & Europa League through DishWorld? If not, which service do you recommend me for this?

      1. Correct. The other site that runs Champions League games is FOX Sports GO, which is free as long as you subscribe to FOX Sports 1 and your TV provider has a deal with FOX to provide the service to subscribers.

  22. Just cut the cord with Comcast (Scumcast) and going to stream what I want plus attic antenna, plus Dish thing. I am saving $100, but Scumcast jacked up my 100 Mbs internet to $77.

    Thanks Chris

  23. I read through comments, and understand that you CAN watch Chelsea and Arsenal BPL games (on delay…no problem for me and my Pops).

    1) Is it only Chelsea and Arsenal BPL games (through ChelseaTV and ArsenalTV) or can you also occasionally catch other BPL games on delay? (my dad’s a Spurs fan…will he only be able to catch them if they play Chealsea/Arsenal). If it’s more than just Blues/Gunners could you estimate how many a month you might be able to see (on delay of course).

    2) In another thread/review, I read a complainant saying there just weren’t enough games. It seems odd since it supposedly shows great variety.

    So it shows ALL of La Liga matches? Does it show ALL Seria A matches? ALL Ligue 1? (If not, would you estimate it shows at least 1-2 games a week of each league?)

    1. Smitty, here are the answers to your questions:

      1) Correct. They have Chelsea TV and Arsenal TV, so you’ll sometimes see those games on delay a couple of days after the match has ended. There’s no other Premier League games on there but beIN SPORTS/DishWorld does have Capital One CUp (League Cup) games where you can see EPL teams in action.

      2) There’s a ton of games on practically every day from a host of different leagues.

      3) It shows many of the La Liga matches, not all. Sometimes there are 2 or more La Liga games being played at the same time, so usually one will be on beIN SPORTS and another will be on beIN SPORTS Espańol — so you can watch both through DishWorld. The same applies to Serie A.

      For the past weekend, between beIN SPORTS and beIN SPORTS Espańol, here’s how many games were shown on TV (live games, that is, not counting replays):

      La Liga – 7
      Copa del Rey (featuring La Liga teams) – 3
      Serie A – 6
      Ligue Un – 1

      After you sign up with DishWorld, be sure to subscribe to our free email newsletter which features all of the games that are played on US TV/Internet each week (including beIN SPORTS/DishWorld).

  24. Chris, thanks for the excellent article and answering everyone’s questions.Does the Dishworld login that you create work with bein sports connect? I would like to watch all the Inter Milan games and Bein sports connect is not with Comcast yet.

    1. beIN SPORTS Connect is a separate product and isn’t associated with DishWorld, so the DishWorld login details won’t work with beIN SPORTS Connect. Unfortunately, beIN SPORTS Connect is only available to subscribers of a small number of TV providers.

      1. I was chatting with Dish World Customer rep; This is what he said.

        ADAM A: If you know friends who want BeinsportsConnect you can get them to come chat with me as well so I can add their name to the list. Then it looks like more people want it and the management pays more attention

        I would urge folks to call or chat with Dishworld customer support; I’m sure they would add this feature as beinsportsconnect is free to subscribers.

  25. Hello, I just wanted to make completely sure that I can watch all the FC Bayern Munich games on this Sport plan?


  26. Sadly, Dishworld is CrapWorld on Mac OS, shockingly horrible performance.

    I have over 8MB down internet connection on a late 2012 MacBook, yet if I simply try to load a simple text web page, Dishworld quality adjusts to blurry garbage. The app is so poorly conceived that it can’t handle any other app drawing even minimal system resources. Not to mention their highest resolution is still not really HD, more like 480p. I can load multiple bootleg true HD streams (i.e. UStream) while multitasking on my computer with absolutely no performance hit. So why a commercial app with a development team behind it can’t manage the same or better is inexcusable.

    The interface also has poor design, difficult to navigate, even worse than ESPN’s app, which has similar problems. It tends to hang on quitting as well. Clearly, they just don’t give a crap about their customers.

    I purchased the product for the sole reason of having a reliable BEIN Sports stream for FC Barcelona games without locking into a ridiculous 2-year contract with a cable/satellite provider. However, If the Barça game is not the primary game (i.e. Real Madrid playing the same time slot), it is pushed to the 2nd BEIN Sports channel, which displays in letterbox (over half the screen black) and Spanish feed. Again, inexcusable.

    I’m happy to pay for watching the programming *I* choose to watch delivered with a solid platform. For now, DishWorld has forced me back to watching bootlegs (which I’ve had to do, even while paying for their garbage platform). From the reviews here, sounds like I’ll now have the pleasure of dealing with cancelling with their stellar customer service.

    1. Some feedback:

      I would recommend contacting regarding your performance concerns. They’re very responsive, and as you can see from the video demo at – the picture quality is usually very good. And I run the DishWorld app on my MacBook Air.

      Regarding the programming complaint, that has nothing to do with DishWorld. That’s beIN SPORTS’ choice to put games on beIN SPORTS en Espańol. The reason it’s in letterbox format is because that’s how beIN SPORTS outputs the channel — in SD. Again, not DishWorld’s fault.

      If you’re not happy with DishWorld, however, there are other streaming soccer services that feature beIN SPORTS and more. Check them out here.

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