Fulham Eye Roberto Di Matteo And Dan Petrescu to Replace Martin Jol: Nightly Soccer Report

Roberto Di Matteo and Dan Petrescu are in the running to take over from Martin Jol as manager of Fulham, if you are to believe what The Daily Mail newspaper is reporting tonight.

The Mail is the first out of the starting blocks with rumors about Martin Jol’s replacement. Expect the press speculation to mount in the coming days on both TV and in other newspapers. With it being the international break and a slower news cycle, the British tabloids are probably going to be all over this story this week.

So how much truth is there to seeing former Chelsea footballers Di Matteo or Petrescu (manager at Dynamo Moscow) managing the club down the road from the Stamford Bridge side? Absolutely zero. The article mentions no sources, and shines very little light on the situation. However in the world of football rumors, it’s quite possible that someone may have given them a tip about the potential replacements for Jol — if Jol is even sacked.

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2 thoughts on “Fulham Eye Roberto Di Matteo And Dan Petrescu to Replace Martin Jol: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. Fulham’s new owner, Khan, is not one to sack a manager easily. His Jaguars football team has only won 1 game and he hasn’t made a coaching change yet. They were just as bad last season with the same coach. So I think the owner will wait till at least January if he is to make a move at Fulham.

    The difference is that the Jaguars cannot be relegated whereas Fulham can. Still I expect he will wait till at least the middle of the season to decide if a change is needed.

  2. Why should Roberto take a cut in pay? He is paid 130,000 pounds a week of Roman’s money until next June. He’ll sit on the couch and wait until summer to get a new gig.

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