10 Most-Watched Premier League Games This Season On NBC

Here’s the top 10 most watched Premier League matches on NBC Sports so far this 2013/14 season:

1. Arsenal vs Liverpool, NBC, November 2, 991,000
2. Everton vs Chelsea, NBC, September 14, 917,000
3. Crystal Palace vs Sunderland, NBC, August 31, 865,000
4. Man City vs Man United, NBCSN, Sept 22, 852,000
5. Swansea vs Man United, NBC, August 17, 792,000
6. Aston Villa vs Liverpool, NBC, August 24, 789,000
7. Arsenal vs Spurs, NBCSN, September 1, 574,000
8. Liverpool vs Man United, NBCSN, September 1, 570,000
9. Man United vs Chelsea, NBCSN, August 26, 536,000
10. Spurs vs Swansea, NBCSN, August 25, 459,000

Any surprisings, or surprise omissions? Who do you think is the most popular Premier League team on US television, and why?

Post your observations and opinions in the comments section below.

6 thoughts on “10 Most-Watched Premier League Games This Season On NBC”

  1. It’s good to see the NBC games bringing in high numbers (even Palace-Sunderland!).

    I mentioned in another thread that it would be ideal if the Premier League was playing the first weekend of January as the NBC 12:30 game would have served as the lead in to NBC NFL playoff double-header which would have created a huge ratings opportunity.

    It does look like the Man U Spurs match may be the lead into the NHL’s winter classic on New Year’s Day which could top the current list.

  2. The Paalce match at 3 benefited from the over the air coverage on a holiday weekend. The ManU v Chelsea game was a low but have to count in when it was played.

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