Arsenal-Liverpool Game Breaks Record for Most-Watched Premier League Match On NBC

NBC’s live broadcast of Arsenal against Liverpool on the free-to-air NBC network was watched by 991,000 viewers, breaking the record for the most watched Premier League match on any NBC network.

The match between the two historic English clubs was televised live from 1:30-3:30pm ET on NBC on Saturday November 2, and featured commentary by Steve Bower and Lee Dixon.

NBC’s previous record for the most number of Premier League viewers was the 917,000 who watched the September 14 match between Everton and Chelsea.

The record viewing audience ever for a Premier League game on US television was the 1.67 million who watched Chelsea against Liverpool on tape delay on a Sunday afternoon in November, 2011. That match was televised on the over-the-air FOX network.

In contrast, the TV ratings for MLS games on US television were down 8% this year on NBCSN compared to last year, while ESPN’s ratings were down 29%.

The TV viewing audience numbers for last week’s MLS playoffs on US television include 158,000 for Seattle-Colorado (NBCSN), 142,000 for Houston-Montreal (NBCSN), 296,000 for LA Galaxy vs Real Salt Lake (ESPN), and 233,000 for Seattle-Portland (NBCSN).

NBC’s next major match is this Sunday’s clash between Manchester United and Arsenal, which will be shown live on Sunday at 11am on NBCSN. View the complete TV schedule for now through January on our Premier League TV schedule page.

7 thoughts on “Arsenal-Liverpool Game Breaks Record for Most-Watched Premier League Match On NBC”

  1. Not sure if this has any effect on the numbers but the MLS games on NBCSN were simulcast from the local tv feed. The games on NBCSN were blacked out locally as well forcing viewers to watch the local channels rather than NBCSN.

  2. Gaff: can you create a page with the running viewership for all the EPL games this year?

    Frankly, it would be useful if we had this for the EPL going back a few years, MLS, and even the CL stuff on the Fox networks. We could use a good reference database. :)

    1. It’s a good idea. I have about 100 articles about the TV ratings from 2005-present, for EPL, MLS, Champions League, etc.

      Unless someone is going to volunteer to put them together, I’m not going to have time to compile it. But if you search on Google for the ratings, you’ll find a ton of orphaned stories on

  3. Great- NBC should have the Man Utd vs Arsenal game on their network instead of NBCSN. The EPL coverage has been awesome this year on NBC- they just need a daily soccer highlight show.

  4. What’s a pity is that the Premier League is off the weekend of Jan. 4. That is the weekend of NBC’s NFL Playoff Wildcard Saturday and it would have positioned the Saturday Premier League match as the lead in for the first two NFL Playoff games of the season.

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