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Barcelona vs Real Madrid: Where to Find El Clasico On US TV and Internet Today

ronaldo messi Barcelona vs Real Madrid: Where to Find El Clasico On US TV and Internet Today

If you live in the United States, here are details of where you can watch Barcelona against Real Madrid today on television and the Internet.

Real Madrid against Barcelona is being shown exclusively on beIN SPORT, beIN SPORT Espanol and DishWorld. The game starts at Noon ET.

Programming note: For viewers in the United States, Barcelona vs Real Madrid is being shown exclusively on beIN SPORT, beIN SPORT Espanol and DishWorld. Even if you don’t have a TV subscription to beIN SPORT, you can access those channels via online streaming service DishWorld for $10/month. Read our review of DishWorld. And sign up for DishWorld via their website.

Once you sign up for the DishWorld Sports package via the DishWorld website (no contracts required; $10/month), setup takes a few minutes. You download an app via their website (the app is available for PC, Mac, Android tablet or phone, Roku and Samsung TV or Samsung Blu-Ray devices).

With the Sports package, you can watch programming from any of the following channels: beIN SPORT, beIN SPORT Espanol, One World Sports, Universal Sports (which offers rugby, cycling and other sports) and the Nautical Channel. With One World Sports, you can watch Arsenal TV, Chelsea TV and Bayern Munich TV.

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DishWorld fills a void for two completely different types of customers: (1) for soccer fans who unable to subscribe to beIN SPORT because their TV provider doesn’t offer it (COX, Charter, etc), and (2) for cordcutters, who want to free themselves from a TV contract but are interested in a streaming only package.

With a 30-day subscription to DishWorld, you can select from a ton of games via beIN SPORT.

Check out DishWorld today for more information. And when you’re ready to sign up, visit this page.

beIN SPORT has the exclusive rights to La Liga, Serie A, Ligue Un, Africa World Cup qualifiers, Copa America 2015, Championship, League Cup, Coppa Italia, Copa del Rey and more. One World Sports has the rights to Chelsea TV, Arsenal TV, Bayern Munich TV, NASL, J-League and more.

The pre-match kicks off at 11am ET on beIN SPORT, while the match between Ronaldo and Messi (and Barcelona vs Real Madrid) starts at Noon ET on beIN SPORT, beIN SPORT Espanol and DishWorld.

beIN SPORT launched just over a year ago and is an international sports network with exclusive US media rights to La Liga, Serie A, Ligue Un and more.

Sign up for the DishWorld Sports package today to watch Barcelona vs Real Madrid live on your computer or smart phone.

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3 Responses to Barcelona vs Real Madrid: Where to Find El Clasico On US TV and Internet Today

  1. EDub says:

    Thanks, guys.

  2. Shaun says:

    If you have Xfinity Comcast they offer the beIN Sport which is the English version on the streaming channels online, and the spanish version is non hd on ch 785.

  3. bizzaro pizzaro says:

    its a couple of minutes behind. sigh

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