Watch the New Official Gameplay Trailer for FIFA 14 NextGen: Xbox One and PS4 [VIDEO]

EA Sports has released the official gameplay trailer for FIFA 14 NextGen version, where the game will be made available for Xbox One and PS4 next month.

The new gameplay trailer, entitled “FIFA 14 Is Alive,” looks exquisite with incredible graphics, and the gameplay looks intense.

The features in FIFA 14 NextGen version include:

Elite Technique

Thanks to the power of the new consoles and the EA SPORTS IGNITE engine, FIFA 14 includes more than 1,000 new animations which create hundreds of new skills and behaviors. New touch passes, slices and lobs have been added, along with behaviors like off-balance shots, panic turns, missed shot reactions and more.

And for the first time ever in the FIFA series, multiple players can compete for balls in the air. Not only will there be situations where three or four players can all vie for ball, but each will also have greater control with a variety of new headers. Players will be able to adjust the power, angle and direction of the header as they contest for the ball.

Pro Instincts

Players make decisions four times faster than on previous consoles. Decision-making is now based on multiple frames per second, resulting in players that are more aware of their surroundings and react accordingly. Depending on the situation, an attacking player may check his run, back into a defender or brace for an incoming tackle. During a sprint, a player may feint or leap over a sliding defender while still maintaining possession of the ball. Defenders will recognize more opportunities to support and pressure the opposition to help create balance.

Gameplay will be dynamic and continuous in FIFA 14 on next-gen consoles. Players will actually interact with sideline characters throughout the match, rushing towards ball boys if the clock is winding down late in the match. In the build-up to corners, players will jockey for position in the box.

Precision Movement

In FIFA 14, gameplay is built around True Player Motion and delivers a whole new feel in the game. Players will have unique step animations instead of blended run cycles, which means that every step counts. Foot slides have been eliminated and players will use true bio-mechanics to shift their weight from one leg to the other as they run. This dramatically changes the feel, look and realism within the game as players will be more grounded as they move across the pitch.

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