Gary Neville Says Manchester United Are Struggling Because Their Midfield Play is Too Slow: Nightly Soccer Report

Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville has shared some salient criticism regarding why the Red Devils are struggling in the Premier League. Neville has pinpointed the club’s midfield.

Neville said:

“There is still a sense that David Moyes is finding out about his players and his own way in the job. The key for me is that the speed of their game through the midfield is not quick enough.

“United have always been about those relentless waves of attacks, sustained for good periods without counter which would eventually overwhelm the opposition. Because this isn’t happening, opponents have time to rest and recover between attacks.

“And it means teams are perhaps playing a few more attacking players against United and going into games with a bit more confidence than usual. Southampton certainly showed that in the first 20 minutes of the game.

“I have no doubt that David Moyes will be an excellent United manager. But for now he is having to endure some painful results.”

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6 thoughts on “Gary Neville Says Manchester United Are Struggling Because Their Midfield Play is Too Slow: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. It’s hard to sustain waves of attack when the other team is in your face the minute you have the ball. Southampton were superb at closing down United. They made United look slow.

    United’s problem is the lack of service to van Persie. He looks increasingly isolated up front as teams stifle united further up the field.

  2. Once again the best analyst going not afraid to call out his former club.he keeps showing people he is not a UTD stooge.keep it up GN your doing a hell of a job.oh yeah he is spot on.

    1. He needs time for sure, but some of the tactics have been suspect. I have no doubt he will figure things out given time though. First things first, abandon the outdated 4-4-2.

  3. Agree, yesterday’s squad included 2 holding midfielders in Carrick and Felleni with only the wingers providing service. It’s just not enough and if Cleverly was available, it would have just a little better. Again missing out on a strong midfielder is hurting United, Wynana looked impressive, he was Toure Jr. out there.

  4. It always takes time for a new manager to sort things out. It’s quite obvious that United didn’t sort out their transfer plans early which is why they missed out on targets. I think the board has stated that they now regret not having Moyes join the club immediately after the season ended.

    The problem for United is that they need to start getting back to winning ways very quickly. The longer they wait to get settled the further behind they will fall from the top 4. Also, with this poor run opposition will no longer fear United which is a big boost psycholgically for those teams.

    United’s midfield isn’t a poor one but it’s not playing well at the moment. Moyes still doesn’t know what his best team is but he will need to sort it out quickly. We will know where each team is after about 12 games. Let’s see where United are at that stage.

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