Luis Suarez Dives Again to Earn Uruguay a Penalty Kick Against Rivals Argentina [VIDEO]

In the World Cup qualifier between rivals Uruguay and Argentina on Tuesday night, Uruguayan and Liverpool striker Luis Suarez was up to his old tricks again as he took a dive in the penalty area to earn a penalty kick for his national team.

After the referee awarded the penalty to Uruguay, up stepped Suarez to slot the ball into the back of the net.

Uruguay went on to win the match 3-2, but the result wasn’t enough to qualify automatically for the World Cup. Uruguay will now face Jordan in a two-legged playoff for a chance to play in the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

What do you think? Was it a Suarez dive or was he pushed? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

37 thoughts on “Luis Suarez Dives Again to Earn Uruguay a Penalty Kick Against Rivals Argentina [VIDEO]”

  1. he will never learn and never change hand ball dive he is a CHEATER plain and simple.oh yeah he is also a racist just ask P Evra.

  2. I don’t know which was worse, his dive or the horrible refereeing decision. There was no way that he was even going to be able to play that ball. The defender had it covered the whole time. Either way, he’s a cheat who will never change regardless of what he continues to say following every incident that occurs. He manages to have a controversial incident about once every three months so why anyone believes that he will change is beyond me.

  3. Clearly a dive. I didn’t get to see the whole game since it was dinner time, but I wandered through the room one time to see Suarez create a 3-v-2 because he pulled his defender down by the shoulders.

    He’s just a dirty player.

  4. Besides against Stoke, when else has he “dove”? What warrants the use of “again”? I think people like to make up imaginary times when Suarez “dove”, but most of the time they just aren’t true. Every player has gone down easily a couple times in their career. I watched every game Suarez played for LFC last season, and he dove once. This season he hasn’t at all. Compare that to, say, what Gareth Bale or Ashley Young did last season.

      1. Most players have gone down easily, or dove once last season – the use of “again” puts it into the readers mind that he is a criminal offender of it, and that’s hardly the case. “Again” loses it’s meaning when you use it in reference to a player who doesn’t dive any more than the majority of the players in the EPL.

        Understand now?

    1. Why Should I compare him to anyone? What gives him the right to dive like that? It’s completely childish and foolish argument to say other’s dive so hence it’s okay for him to dive. GROW UP!!!!!

      People just are so blinded by their support that sometimes they just seem to forget what the reality is. Saying that he robbed just once so he shouldn’t be held accountable is what every cheat and robber’s would like to argue. Plain and simple:

      1. He played volley ball in world cup against Ghana.
      2. He is a racist and is found guilty of such against Evra.
      3. He bit Ivanovic and admitted that he completely lost it, himself.
      4. Suarez hand balled against Manfield, for God’s sake.

      This is just from the top of my head.

      The guy is a cheat!!! He will do anything to win a football match and that’s the truth.

      1. hahaha and you lot couldnt wait to buy him couple of months back…arsenal fans like you were justifying his actions like you mentioned as “passion”.

        personally cannot wait to sell him for 60mil.

      2. 1. Suarez did what just about any of us would have in the World Cup.
        2. The race row is hardly as established as you claim. Evra didn’t get any punishment for the ethnocentric garbage he was throwing at Suarez (who also has a black grandfather).
        3. Completely undefendable action by Suarez.
        4. That handball is questionable, but it certainly tainted the victory.

        Of course, we know that Suarez is about the only person who dives, has touched the ball with his hand, or is guilty of crimes against humanity.

        Suarez cheats (though hardly the only one). He is redeemable, however, due to his passion on the field.

      3. 1. What’s your point? Any player would have done this. He did it and got red carded.

        2. Saying something racist doesn’t make you a racist. Two entirely different things.

        3. No defending this. Animalistic and disgusting.

        4. This is the one I don’t get. He did nothing wrong here. Was he supposed to stop and tell the ref the ball hit his hand? If a player is going for the ball, and clips and opponents heels, but the ref doesn’t see it…is he supposed to tell the ref he committed a foul?

        Comparing him to someone is very relevant, because where is the faux outrage/slanderous articles against these players? Your all caps and multiple (!) marks suggest you need to grow up.

        The “robber” example is laughable and doesn’t warrant a response, as it’s beneath me. Does every citizen rob? No.

  5. Thanx to the Video! Suarez is a star we afford to miss in world-Brazil next year. He’s a unique intelligent player with controversy. He never ceases to amaze! I watched most games in which Suarez has been playing, that Guy’s a fighter. He’ll do anything to pull a result. He is a talent-spare him! I keep wondering, like Maradona didn’t fight for their countries with similar dirty stunts (hand of Gold) we wouldn’t have rich History. Think! Why is Messe not shining in his Argentina shirt? A lion will go for weak and vulnerable prey, but atleast it will have a meal for it’s self and family members.

  6. Suicide arm in the back foul on Suarez. Regardless of the pressure, Suarez is well obligated to go down and win the penalty for his team.

      1. what?

        When did Andros Townsend become a scouser?

        If you don’t recognize Andros Townsend’s energy and persistent drive, attacking in both games, opening up space & attracting 2 & 3 defenders every time he gets the ball then you are deluded. He pulled that team thru Montenegro and Poland games. take out Townsend from those performances and who’s the spark the drive? Gerrard? lol

        Vs Poland, Rooney, I’ll give, he was outstanding running back and covering while Gerrard labored back, linking up well with a variety of players trying to make things happen.

        But Gerrard was horrific for 90% of the game v poland, yes he scored the goal to ease nerves, but if you watched that game and ignored the poor possession giveaways and lack of tracking back that led to uncharacteristic Lewandowski misses you’re in need of some footballing edu.

        1. thank you Mr.Arrigo Sacchi and i thought you were long gone

          who said anything about Townsend? i was referring to the goals scored by Rooney and Gerrard in response to the original “can’t expect better from dirty scouse” comment. Ironically it’s a scouser who’s has been saving ManU.

          In Response to you, Townsend is a flash in the pan and he will go the way of tons of overhyped players based on couple of performances…it shows the talent level in England National team sadly.

          1. Dust thinks every post is actually about Spurs.

            Townsend has looked very good for England. It did take him more than 70 shots to score a goal in league play this year, though. So, perhaps people should wait before anointing him the new big thing.

          2. “Who said anything about Townsend?”

            “yaa just like you needed two scousers to carry your jack-a$$ team to brazil.”

            This is why I brought up Townsend, your assertion that the scousers were responsible for getting the result.

            good job tho, continue your uneducated football experience.

            Long gone? ah thats right you only read articles about LFC…

  7. Anyone on any team that needed a win to qualify would have gone down right there, especially a few on England. He’s fighting for his country’s life and its up to the ref to decide whether or not its a dive. There’s 3 options the ref could have produced…a wave to get up, a yellow card for diving or a penalty. He choose penalty so blame him, not the guy giving his all for country.

    If you were in his shoes and you can honestly tell me that your such a stand up, honest guy that you would never do what Suarez did, then I don’t want you on my team because your not doing everything you can to help your team.

  8. I’m not it any way defending his dives, but are you going to post every player’s dives on here after every game?
    As a Liverpool fan I see Sturridge dive more times in a game than Suarez but it never gets highlighted.

    1. the same way sturridge’s handball went under the radar mate.

      the reason he gets highlighted is just look at the traffic delivers to the article from comments in this article and other articles here…in the end the site needs to make money as well and people like Suarez, Ronaldo, Ibra deliver that in boatloads.

      1. Not true. Many of the articles that get the most number of hits have zero comments. The reason I posted the video is because it’s news. Suarez dived again. And the British media picked up on the story today (we posted the video last night after the match).

  9. It looks to me (most visible from the last replay angle) that he stepped on the defender’s leg and fell. Whether that’s a dive, I don’t know. But he did attempt to win a penalty (and successfully) for what wasn’t a foul.

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