Malky Mackay to Decide Cardiff City Future After Critical Board Meeting: Nightly Soccer Report

Cardiff City manager Malky Mackay will decide his future at the club after a critical board meeting that’s scheduled for Monday.

In an interview with Wales Online, Mackay’s agent said:

“Malky understands there has been a lack of clarity and will insist at the end of the board meeting that the chairman or other senior directors provide supporters with a clear explanation of what has been going on. If that cannot be done, he will take it upon himself to do it. He does not want the club’s fans left in the dark for too much longer.”

Exactly what the full story is that Mackay believes has not been told, we’ll have to wait to find out. There have been reports that City players are upset about bonuses, and that Cardiff owner Vincent Tan has been barred from entering the dressing room. On top of that, the head of recruitment Iain Moody has been let go by the club and replaced by a 23-year-old friend of Tan’s son who was previously an executive assistant. There were also reports that Mackay was asked to resign a few weeks ago.

Mackay’s agent says that the manager is not prepared to resign, but City supporters will be hoping that the issues will be resolved soon.

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3 thoughts on “Malky Mackay to Decide Cardiff City Future After Critical Board Meeting: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. What a pathetic state of affairs. Mackay, I believe, has a great coaching career in front of him. I base this on what I have seen thus far. Tan needs to understand this and step back. I would walk if if I had an owner sticking his nose in in the day in and day out goings on on the running of a club. Come on man you guys have a bright future in the Premier League if….

  2. This had all the makings of a blow up. Foreign owner comes in. No idea about football or the club. Changes the club colors to the annoyance of the fans who forgive him because he buys them promotion. Is Malkey this seasons Nigel Adkins? Probably. But Cardiff do not appear to be as we’ll run as Southampton. They are probably more like Birmingham. A quick return to the championship is on the cards.

  3. Looks like Birmingham/Blackburn/Portsmouth all over again. the league really needs to do a better job vetting prospective owners

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