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Martin Skrtel Scores One of the Worst Own Goals You’ll Ever See [VIDEO]

martin skrtel banner Martin Skrtel Scores One of the Worst Own Goals Youll Ever See [VIDEO]

Liverpool defender Martin Skrtel scored an unbelievably awful own goal while playing for Slovakia against Greece in today’s World Cup qualifier.

To be fair, it really wasn’t Skrtel’s fault, but his name will go on the scoresheet as the player who scored the OG. Skrtel made a harmless pass back to Slovakia goalkeeper (and former Everton back-up goalkeeper) Jan Mucha. However, Mucha was unable to control the back pass, and the ball bobbled under his feet and into the back of the net.

The goal gave Greece a 1-0 lead going into half-time.

Slovakia are already out of the running to qualify for World Cup 2014, but the goal by Skrtel has gifted Greece a chance of possibly reaching the playoffs instead of Bosnia Herzegovina.

The goal reminds me of the Peter Enckelman own goal by Aston Villa against Birmingham City, where Olof Mellberg’s throw-in caught Enckelman off guard in front of his goal.

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9 Responses to Martin Skrtel Scores One of the Worst Own Goals You’ll Ever See [VIDEO]

  1. Tony Butterworth says:

    and then Montenegro just equaled it :)

  2. rory says:

    Would love to see the “second city” derby resumed, but I guess Villa would have to be relegated for that to happen!

  3. dxcnight says:

    …? Why are you implying the own goal was Skrtel’s fault. Headline is very misleading

    • dxcnight says:

      I realize in the description you say it wasn’t Skrtel’s fault…but I came expecting Skrtel to blast it in the top corner of his own net by that headline.

    • Christopher Harris says:

      I didn’t imply that it was Skrtel’s fault, but like I said in the article, it goes down in the books as an own goal by Skrtel.

      • Dean Stell says:

        Honestly, it kinda is Skrtel’s fault. Yes….the goalkeeper should have absolutely done a better job, but that is why you don’t make back-passes to the keeper that are directed at the net. Skrtel had PLENTY of time and could have easily played the ball off the the side. Then if the keeper fumbles it, it just is a corner kick and not a own goal.

  4. San Fransiscan says:

    Gary’s own goal for England was worse.

    In regards to Enckelman’s own goal, that should’ve never been an own goal, I remember watching it live and Enckelman never touched the ball.

  5. Gary says:

    Worse own goals you’ll ever see? Are you kidding me. I’ve seen far worse.

    That was a bad mistake by the keeper. Even that mistake by the keeper doesn’t qualify as one of the worse own goals you’ll ever see. And just because the own goal is given to Skrtyl doesn’t make it his fault.

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