AT&T U-Verse Removes GolTV From Sports Tier Package

Soccer fans who are subscribers to AT&T U-Verse, take note. GolTV has been removed from the sports tier package, and has been moved to the Latino package instead.

The move, which is certainly not going to please soccer fans, means that many subscribers will miss out on GolTV’s coverage of the Bundesliga, Eredivisie, Super Clasico and international matches.

AT&T U-Verse originally added GolTV in 2006. However, the launch of beIN SPORT last year has forced many TV providers to prioritize beIN SPORT, which has rights to more major leagues, over GolTV.

10 thoughts on “AT&T U-Verse Removes GolTV From Sports Tier Package”

  1. It hasn’t forced them to do anything they just chose to but they are right GOLTV is a zombie at this point. No offense to the Bundesliga but their game and their production choices are never going to sustain a network in the us.

  2. So ticked at U-Verse for doing this. The Bundesliga is an exciting league with great competition and a lot of young players that are going to be bonafied stars in the coming years. And the Bundesliga has the highest average goals scored per game for several years out of the top 5 European leagues. Sucks that I can’t watch my beloved Stuttgart claw their way to Champions League qualification hopefully…..

  3. Even if Gol TV is moved to another tier, at additional cost to subcribers which is a drag, at least it’s still available. Contrast that with Cox not carrying beIn Sport at all. That’s worse.

  4. I got the sports package today!! What the hell uverse? I got it for Gol and BeIn. Now I’m paying $10/month JUST for BeIn!!!

  5. GOL TV has been completely removed from the ATT offering! I just called the ATT hotline as I noticed I couldnt watch the Bundesliga anymore which I could back in September. They said that the contract with GOL TV got canceld, not knowing if it ever will be added agian! Checking now other providers as the ATT service is getting worse since they started.

  6. I just finished talking go ATT and they were offering different packages for more $$. I signed up for 2 years and they should have kept the GOL TV channel for the 2 years. If I cancel my contract I have to pay a fine. How about them paying a fine for cancelling without notice.

  7. Not sure if this has been discussed, but I had the same experience that without notice ATT removed GolTV from the sports package, After a lengthy chat with ATT they confirmed it is now part of the hispanic package and they offered it to me in exchange for the sports package. So I don’t pay more, got the hispanic package with GolTV and voila I am back in business to watch Bundesliga. Hope it stays that way for a while…

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