beIN SPORT Offers Canada Free Online Access to Its Soccer Coverage

beIN SPORT is now offering Canada free online access to its international sports coverage, which includes La Liga and Serie A.

The Miami-based international sports network has had exclusive rights to La Liga and Serie A in Canada since 2012, but has been unable to secure a deal to get its TV coverage on to Canadian TV providers. beIN SPORT has temporarily circumvented the issue by offering Canadians online access for free.

To access the free live streaming, residents of Canada need to log on to and enter promo code beinCanada   In order to work, the service verifies you’re logging in via a Canadian IP address.

beIN SPORT’s online service, named beIN SPORT Play, is currently in beta.

If you live in the United States, you can access beIN SPORT Play via but it’s only currently available to subscribers of DISH Network, Bright House, Time Warner and Verizon FiOS.

6 thoughts on “beIN SPORT Offers Canada Free Online Access to Its Soccer Coverage”

  1. My Canadian friends on the Twitter say that it is a limited time free offer, 2 months. After that seems there will be a charge, amount unknown.

    I’m sure prospective US online customers wouldn’t mind an a la carte option, especially with so many cab/sat providers currently unable or unwilling to provide validation.

  2. About time. It’s only until January of next year but this is a good start. Hopefully cable networks will get it soon

  3. i have comcast i would pay for beinsportplay before i paid for any of the other apps for soccer. Their selection kicks butt. they had seven or eight games that were no where to be found on tv just today and another six tomorrow

  4. Now if only Goltv would do this for us in the US who would like to watch Bundesliga. Since Comcast and other cable and SAT providers dropped Goltv, fans of the Bundesliga are out in the cold.

    It’s curious, so many folks on the internet predicated that Goltv would be gone by now and yet they are still alive and kicking.

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