Moyes Says Manchester United Squad Lacks Quality Needed to Win The Champions League: Daily Soccer Report

David Moyes is under criticism today for comments he made this past weekend after Manchester United’s 2-1 loss to West Bromwich Albion.

Moyes said:

“To win the Champions League, you have to have five or six world class players. If you look at Bayern Munich, they have five or six nearly world-class players. Look at Barcelona, who had it in the past and Real Madrid have maybe got it now. That’s the level you have to get at to win it.

“We’ve not got that yet but what we have got is experience and several players who are in that category or close to it.”

Manchester United face an away tie against Ukrainian champions Shakhtar Donetsk on Wednesday, in another game where Moyes will want a good result to relieve the pressure on him and his players, especially with the club sitting in twelfth place in the Premier League.

In Moyes’s quote above, is he being a defeatist or realist? In my opinion, he’s being a realist. Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson papered over the cracks in his side in the past few years by relying on players such as Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs to help the club when United should have been going out and signing quality players who are world-class.

The pressure is on Moyes, but he can only do the best with what players he has at his disposal. While the United team have depth to run for another Premier League title (once things turn around), they’re out of their depth in the UEFA Champions League (particularly the latter rounds).

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9 thoughts on “Moyes Says Manchester United Squad Lacks Quality Needed to Win The Champions League: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. Everyone, including United fans, have known that the United sides of the past couple of years were never good enough to win the CL. Moyes isn’t saying anything new. Because of United’s poor start in the league this statement just adds to the bad news for the club. The perception being that Moyes is already making excuses when in reality he is stating the obvious.

    I think United will spend in January and next summer to revamp the squad. After all they were willing to spend 80 million for Bale, if reports are to be believed. So the money is there.

  2. I don’t see a thing wrong – inappropriate or inaccurate – with the first part of his statement. Time will tell how close to the mark he is with the second part. Neither part is remotely controversial, unless you’re desperate to sell more red-tops than your competitors.

    The headline is typical hyperbole-to-the-brink-of-libel british tabloid fodder.


      1. I know, that’s why I skewered them, not you.

        The Telegraph may be a broadsheet with a better reputation than this, but they can get more than a little over the top from time to time!

  3. United definitely do not have a world class manager. I just read that Mr. Moyes disregarded Sir Alex’s advice to keep the back room staff. Now we have Ed Woodhead who doesn’t know Spanish law regarding transfers, but can spend too much on the Hair. Mid table here we come.

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