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FIFA Holds Secret Talks With FOX Sports Over Switching 2022 Qatar World Cup to Winter: Daily Soccer Report

fifa world cup FIFA Holds Secret Talks With FOX Sports Over Switching 2022 Qatar World Cup to Winter: Daily Soccer Report

FIFA have held secret talks with FOX Sports regarding compensation if the 2022 World Cup is moved from summer to winter, according to a report in The Telegraph newspaper.

The newspaper reports that FIFA may be open to letting FOX pay less for the rights to the FIFA World Cup 2022 tournament if it’s moved from the summer to winter — where World Cup matches would conflict with NFL broadcasts.

The discussions between FIFA and FOX Sports “have taken place in an attempt to stave off the threat of legal action” from FOX, added the newspaper.

Broadcasters from other countries may also receive a discounted rate from FIFA to broadcast the World Cup if the tournament is moved, as is expected to be announced next month.

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10 Responses to FIFA Holds Secret Talks With FOX Sports Over Switching 2022 Qatar World Cup to Winter: Daily Soccer Report

  1. yespage says:

    Oddly, the time difference may work out just fine for Fox. In fact, they may be able to use the NFL to drag more viewers in to the World Cup.

    • Christopher Harris says:

      I disagree. Some of the gametimes, depending on time zone, are Noon, 3pm and 4pm, so they would be on at the same time as NFL games.

      • yespage says:

        4 PM in EST would be Midnight in Qatar, wouldn’t it? 1 PM EST would be 9 PM.

        Qatar is +3 Greenwich, EST is -5.

        • Christopher Harris says:

          I screwed up sorry. I was listing Brazil times, not Qatar. D’oh!

          • Christopher Harris says:

            The kick-off times for World Cup 2022 haven’t been decided yet, but if they would be Noon, 3pm and 6pm (roughly), the kickoff times would be 5am, 8am and 11am, so only the late game would potentially interfere with NFL games. So you’re right. Of course, there are so many ifs about World Cup 2022, so who knows if the tournament will even be staged there and what times the games will be.

            But there is talk about having World Cup games in 2022 at 22:00 local time, which would be 3pm ET.

          • Yespage says:

            That was the one question. Whether it was still going to be warm enough that they may want later games still. 10 PM is pretty late though.

  2. CTBlues says:

    Kind of funny how no media outlets in the US has said anything about this.

  3. TheDuke says:

    the average daytime temp in qatar in november is still eighty six they are going to need to go after the sun goes down in Qatar anyway. I know it is not 106 but there will not be many world class players all that anxious about nearly 90 degree temps for world cup games. people still complain about the temps at usa 94 and the warmest recorded game was 96 degrees.

  4. John says:

    The good news is that this would probably mean NO GUS JOHNSON!!!!

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