Nearly 10 Million Tune In to NBC Sports Group’s Premier League Coverage

NBC Sports Group posted record-setting numbers through the first five weeks of its exclusive coverage of the Premier League across NBC, NBCSN, CNBC, Telemundo, mun2, the Premier League Extra Time bonus TV package and the NBC Sports Live Extra live streaming product.

Almost 10 million people have tuned in to NBC Sports Group’s Premier League television coverage – featuring 36 telecasts on five networks (four on NBC, 22 on NBCSN, one on CNBC, nine on mun2 – does not include Telemundo). The 27 English-language games on NBC, NBCSN and CNBC drew a total of 9.1 million viewers – up 92% from the 4.8 million total for the first five weeks of live action on ESPN and Fox Soccer last year.

Since the Premier League season kicked off on August 17, NBCSN has posted a 67% increase in average total day viewership – tops among any sports cable network.

In addition, NBCSN’s Premier League telecasts are averaging 391,000 viewers – a 70% jump over the average posted by ESPN, ESPN2 and Fox Soccer after five weeks last year (230,000). Sunday’s Manchester derby between Manchester City and Manchester United averaged 852,000 viewers to rank as the second most-watched Premier League match on cable in the U.S. on record.

Additional milestones from NBC Sports Group’s Premier League coverage:

Manchester Derby Most-Watched Match On NBCSN: Sunday’s Manchester derby between Manchester City and Manchester United ranks as NBCSN’s most-watched telecast since the Stanley Cup Final in June, and delivered cable’s second most-watched Premier League telecast on record with 852,000 viewers. Viewing of the match peaked from 11:30 a.m.-11:45 a.m. with more than 1 million viewers.

Most-Watched Weekday Match: NBCSN’s Aug. 26 telecast of Manchester United v. Chelsea ranks as the #2 all-time viewership among weekday, early season (prior to December) Premier League matches on U.S. television. The match also marked NBCSN’s best weekday audience since the 2012 London Olympics.

Highest Opening Weekend Average Viewership: The five games on NBC and NBCSN averaged 443,000 viewers — +78% above the ESPN/FOX Soccer average for five games on Opening Weekend last year (249,000 average viewers).

Best Opening Weekend on Cable in U.S. History: For games on cable, the four weekend matches on NBCSN averaged 356,000 viewers – ranking as the most-watched Premier League opening weekend on cable in the U.S., and a +43% increase from last year’s 249,000 average viewership for the five games on ESPN and Fox Soccer.

Nearly 35 Million Minutes Streamed: Fans have live streamed 34.7 million minutes of Premier League action so far this season via NBC Sports Live Extra, NBC Sports Group’s live streaming product for desktops, mobile devices and tablets. Through 50 games this season, there have been 1.7 million live starts on NBC Sports Live Extra.

14 thoughts on “Nearly 10 Million Tune In to NBC Sports Group’s Premier League Coverage”

  1. have been very impressed with nbc’s coverage thus far…
    even shows like download have helped me introduce the uninitiated and get them at least semi excited for some footy

  2. I’m not able to get NBCSN and feel left in the dark somewhat. Thankfully I can pick up free over the air NBC with rabbit ears!!!! Dish wants to charge us $90 plus a month for access to that channel. Can’t afford it.

  3. The number that is most impressive to me is the Crystal Palace – Sunderland match on August 31st – with no Jozy Altidore either….

    Hard to believe that outdrew both Man United and Liverpool matches the week before – that seems a bit suspect – but if true – very impressive indeed.

    1. I agree. I was blown away by that one. My guess is that everyone thought Jozy would play, and when they found out that he wasn’t, they tuned in anyway.

  4. I have not followed the Premier League this closely in years. The reasons why is simple – it’s being covered in a much more professional manner. For somebody like myself who loves all sports, it was easy to choose MLB, NFL or college football over any of the soccer leagues simply because of the quality of the coverage. This is the first time in a decade that I spend more time on the weekend watching the Premier League than watching college football or the NFL.

      1. It’s great to have a single place to go to get coverage that provides not only the matches but on overall context as opposed to just being dropped in at the start of a match without any context. It also makes sites like this a lot more accessible because you have a good foundational knowledge to dig deeper. It’s amazing how far coverage has come.

        1. Good points Len. NBC has been an excellent job at informing viewers what’s going on around the league, not just in that one match. We now have a reason to watch the pre-match, half-time and post-match analysis.

    1. I agree, but to be honest I never seem to notice them. It looks like they’ve made a company decision to include them, but have made a attempt to keep them small and unobtrusive up in the RH corner.

  5. But NBCSN is available in far more homes than Fox Soccer was. So the potential number of viewers is greater. I guess now that “live on TV” is defined as “streamed on a computer” or “available for streaming at a later date” its easy for the NBC promo department to pump up those numbers.

    What I wonder about is how the EPL feels when its sponsored Post Game shows devote part of the time to the MLS.

  6. Imagine what numbers BeIN would get if they treated the sport right. Like they they do in the Middle East ..

    They would rather “sanitize” the sport for US audiences and have us listen to amateurs like Phil Schoen and Ray Hudson…

    Someone needs to look what NBC has done and say… Wow.. You treated the sport with respect.. No Dave Obrian, no Gus Johnson… But REAL commentators giving the game the respect it deserves…

    Great job NBC,


    1. My housemate was watching the United-Liverpool match with me yesterday. He’s never heard of Ray Hudson (he also didn’t realize he had BeIN Sport on his Dish package).

      He turned to me at one point and said, “Does this guy ever shut up?” He was referring to Ray Hudson.

      I’m sure there are people who like hearing him ramble on endlessly and over-describe every detail of a match. But I’ve never been a fan of his.

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