David Moyes Has The Best Start of Any New United Manager Since Matt Busby In 1946: Nightly Soccer Report

You can twist statistics to say a lot of different things, but there’s no denying that Manchester United manager David Moyes received a massive boost tonight with his side’s 1-0 victory against Liverpool in the League Cup thanks to a Chicharito goal.

To put the win into context as far as how the season is going, the boffins at BBC Sport have figured out that Moyes “has now won five of his first eight games in all competitions – the best start of any new United manager since Matt Busby in 1946.”

While the stat is true and impressive, we also have to remember that United have had very few managers since Busby was in charge (seven, in fact, if you include Busby’s second stint as manager from 1970-71). And many of us remember how dreadful Sir Alex Ferguson’s start was to life as a United manager in 1986.

Still, it’s an impressive start to the season especially given tonight’s huge win.

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12 thoughts on “David Moyes Has The Best Start of Any New United Manager Since Matt Busby In 1946: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. Sir Alex took over a bad team with bad habits no team spirit and no winning history and re made them from the ground up. The ‘chosen one’ took over EPL champions and is re making them into a mid table neo Everton. This is no success story.

  2. For a decade we heard what a good job he was doing at Everton. He leaves them, takes their best player and Everton look better.
    He’s a poor manager with zero tactical ability. For awhile the players will do as they’ve done for SAF but the longer he’s there the worse they’ll get.

  3. Well said rku,

    As they say, there are damn lies and then there are statistics.

    Comparing Fergie’s take over of a team of underachieving drunkards, who didn’t win the league for over 20 years, to the silverware machine Moyes took over, is a bit silly.

    That being said, Moyes needs time but the way United lost to City, should be a cause of concern to red devil fans. They were tactically shredded.

        1. True, but they also lost the title that year when Everton scored two late goals to secure a draw with United. With those 2 lost points the goal differential wouldn’t of even mattered. Who was the manager of Everton, Moyes the chosen one.

      1. Indeed Marc, that’s why I said “the way they lost.”

        It’s one thing to have a bad day at the office and another to be ripped apart without retort, the way United was last Sunday.

        Moyes seemed to have no ideas to counter City’s assault.

  4. Statistics or no statistics, David Moyes’ performance so far has left a lot of question in United fans’ minds. To wit:

    – He seemed to have forgotten that he had super-sub and a definite goal scorer in Javier Hernandez, at least until he had to use him against Liverpool yesterday. Hopefully, Moyes will see that Hernandez has a definite role and great value to his side.

    – He is over-using Rio and Vidic. Especially the aging Rio, who has started looking like a liability rather than a stalwart defender at times this season.

    – He seems to love using Welbeck and Young, two players who are weak contributors. Welbeck, for all of his raw skills, is given to the wrong pass, the weak shot or indecision in the final third. Young, when he isn’t diving, gives the ball away as if it were Christmas and his defender is his best mate. Neither should be starting on a club the level of Manchester United, and some say that both should be loaned away or sold. Given their collective performance it is hard to disagree.

    – Did United sign Zaha? Is the winger going to end up like Djemba-Djemba and Kleberson?

    – Moyes seems to forget that he has equal personnel rather than lesser players like he had at Everton. Two central midfielders who were in place to protect rather than penetrate against City last weekend was a losing proposition from the start and not a setup that would ever have resulted in a victory. He took too long to recognize that, and only after the game was over at 4-0.

    – Ashley F***g Young and Danny Welbeck over Chicharito and Kagawa. It bears saying again.

    And so on. Moyes may have had a better statistical start, but there is much wrong at Old Trafford right now, and he needs to fix this, and soon…otherwise, he will feel the wrath of his own fanbase before he knows it.

  5. While I like Moyes and admire United, I think anyone really could have had the same start. Question is – could anyone have had a [I]better[/I] start?

  6. The title of this article might mean something if there had been several managers over the years. But with SAF long tenure you have to go back to prehistoric times to find a manager of a decent ManU side.

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