Paolo Di Canio Confronts Supporters After Sunderland Lose 3-0 to West Brom [VIDEO]

Paolo Di Canio faced the supporters after Sunderland lost 3-0 to West Bromwich Albion at the Hawthorns.

In my 36 years of watching soccer, I’ve never once seen a manager do this before. After Sunderland were convincingly defeated against West Bromwich Albion today, Di Canio walked over to the Sunderland away supporters and appeared to apologize and asked that they keep their chins up.

The stark reality is that Sunderland sit on the bottom of the Premier League table and have just one point from five matches.

On the plus side, Di Canio isn’t hiding from the fans and faced them head-on. On the negative, he needs to get more out of his players who have scored just 3 goals this season but have let in 11.

10 thoughts on “Paolo Di Canio Confronts Supporters After Sunderland Lose 3-0 to West Brom [VIDEO]”

  1. I called this guy a clown when he as hired, image over substance and got nothing but thumbs down from those ho swore he was just what Sunderland needed – he would straighten those spoiled footballers out..well he at least got Sessengon straight- clown

  2. The bloke certainly has some stones, I’ll give him that. Next time it will be the whole team facing the fans. He’s probably got three games to save himself.

  3. I’ve actually watched all of Sunderland’s matches. They aren’t playing bad. Despite the fact Di Canio basically brought in an entirely new team. It takes time for teams to gel.

    Give them a little more than 5 games before you hand Di Canio his walking papers.

    They need to learn how to use Altidore, especially since it looks like Fletcher is going to be out for a while.

    Larsson hasn’t played the past two matches and he is someone who provides goal scoring opportunities from corners and free kicks.


    Sunderland were never going to win the league. They need to improve and avoid relegation.

    1. at some point you have to be with your players – his man management is not designed to keep a locker room together – he has to win early since he has invested in no loyalty

      that’s why this was such a poor decision he again upstaged his players to cover his own ass

  4. What I don’t get is why Ellis Short doesn’t learn from his mistakes. Bruce did pretty much the same thing, bought 12 players in the summer, they couldn’t gel and they jettisoned Bruce, needing MON to keep them up.

    It must be like ground hog day for the Makems.

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