If Summer 2022 World Cup Is Moved to Winter, Australia Wants Compensation From FIFA

Australia’s soccer federation chairman wants his country to be compensated by FIFA if the World Cup 2022 in Qatar is moved from summer to winter.

This follows on yesterday’s story that FOX Sports in the United States is also opposed to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar being moved. Plus, we already know that the Premier League is vehemently opposed to the tournament date being changed.

Frank Lowy, Football Federation Australia chairman, said yesterday:

“Since December 2010 Australia has been careful not to let its misgivings about the process be interpreted as sour grapes.

“But now, with increasing speculation about a change that will impact on us as one of the bidding nations, and because our competition will be affected, we have made our position public.

“Australia, like other bidding nations, was required by FIFA’s own rules to pitch for a World Cup in the June and July window.

“Changing the dates is tantamount to changing the rules after the contest is over. If that happens, compensation should be paid to those nations that invested many millions, and national prestige, in bidding for a summer event.”

Australia spent US $40million on its bid. Embarrassingly, the bid committee only received one vote from the FIFA Executive Committee.

FIFA is expected to rubber stamp the decision next month to move the tournament from the summer to the winter.

11 thoughts on “If Summer 2022 World Cup Is Moved to Winter, Australia Wants Compensation From FIFA”

  1. Too funny. I wonder if we’re going to see a flood of this stuff now.

    FIFA really botched this up and are faced with nothing but bad scenarios now.

  2. Who has the UK broadcast rights for the WC 2022? Is Fox speaking for SKY when they complain? If SKY has the rights and is also upset I would say that you are about half way to a move. The thing that would be needed now would be a players revolt.

  3. Too right the FFA are to do so. We spent millions on a bid for a summer world cup. If it gets moved to winter then the ballot needs to be held again or the other bidders should get compensation.

  4. Isn’t winter in the rest of the world actually summer in Australia? Therefore the World Cup is actually in the summer. So what the hell are they complaining about?

  5. With any luck this might be the beginning of the end for Blatter and all the corruption. FiFA will collapse in on itself if they end up being forced to cave on Qatar. They are in a no win situation. Press on and risk a full scale revolt by the leagues and/or clubs. Or tell Qatar they are out and have to write them a massive cheque. The only way out is if its revealed the bidding process was fixed. That would re-start the process.

    FIFA has it coming. They took the p*ss out of the FA, Beckham and the future king of England, among others. As much as I would like to see the World Cup in England, I’m glad the FA is no longer bidding with the current regime in place.

    1. Smokey
      Your lions finally showed up and kicked some a$$.Forest lucky to get a draw hate to give up points at home to lesser sides.Oh well long season.

      1. Good win tonight. Another over Charlton and maybe they have turned a corner. Still think it will be a long hard season though.

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