Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 4: Open Thread

The Premier League returns today after a two week absence due to international break.

The final match of the day today is Everton vs Chelsea.

Here’s the schedule for viewers in the United States:

Saturday, September 14:

Manchester United vs Crystal Palace, 7:45am, NBC Sports Network, mun 2
Sunderland vs Arsenal, 10am, NBC Sports Network
Aston Villa vs Newcastle, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Fulham vs West Brom, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Hull vs Cardiff, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Stoke vs Man City, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Tottenham vs Norwich, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Everton vs Chelsea, 12:30pm, NBC, mun 2
Match of the Day, 11pm, NBC Sports Network

Before, during or after today’s matches,

Have a wonderful Saturday!

50 thoughts on “Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 4: Open Thread”

  1. Arrived in LAX a little less than 12 hours ago coming from Dubai. Even after a 16 hour flight and a 3 hour drive from the airport with my wife and one year old, nothing would keep me off from my beloved Manchester United. First time to experience NBC and have to say it’s an improvement from FOX but I have to say it again, I was very impressed by AlJazeera’s coverage in the Middle East.

    On a side note, very disappointed with Moyes leaving Kagawa out of the squad.

  2. When using NBC Live extra on Laptop. If you go full screen it does not even cover my laptop screen fully also the whole stream window is not in middle of screen but in fact more towards the bottom as anytime i try to zoom it to make it bigger it loses part of the bottom. I think they need to fix the full screen thing.

  3. Ashley Young gets a yellow card — again — for diving.

    Can anyone remember whether he was a diver when he was at Aston Villa or Watford, or has Young picked up this tactic since joining Manchester United?

  4. I wonder what Fergie saw in Moyes. His tenure has been a complete joke and the same for the football. I think that we will be a domestic force but never a European power under Moyes. I will be happy with the rd of 16. Standards have dropped when players like Young are continually started and guys like Fellaini are big signings. His real value is 15 million.

      1. Im not even gonna look at that link. Everyone in bayern real barcas and dortmunds bayerns and juves line ups are all better than Fellaini. Fellaini is not a top 15 player in Europe only an idiot uses stuff like that to tell how good a player is.

  5. After several desperate attempts to win the customary Old Trafford penalty by Evra and Young: mission (finally) accomplished.

    It’s beyond me why Moyes isn’t playing one of the few remaining creative players on this side Kagawa…this United team is going to struggle to finish in the top 4 this year.

  6. Sunny but muggy in Stoke today, could thunder I think.

    I’m always taken back to our first season in the Premiership when we play Citeh at home. Delap sent off, the crowd go ballistic, Beattie leaps like a salmon to score, Stoke hold on to win against the odds. It still is the best atmosphere I’ve experienced at The Britannia. I suppose I’d be happy with replicating that feeling today.

    Looking forward to seeing where our new signings fit in and hope Begovic shows why Mancini and Platt admitted they’d have been in for him had they not got the elbow.

    Need a result from the tricky trees for my bet today jtm, will they oblige?

    Not sure if Guy will be on today, he should be hitting the Scottish highlands and islands on a chauffeur driven tour of the Whisky distilleries. I’ve asked him to give us some tasting notes if he does get on. Makes a change from that North Carolina poteen I suppose 😉

    1. Ian
      i fell better today versus Barnsley at the Ground then i did away at the DW.three points would be great.wish they would have got some striker help.

      Good luck to your Potters today hope you can take down City.

      so is Guy a single or double malt man?

  7. I’ve really enjoyed the co-commentary of Clive Allen this morning. Excellent unbiased analysis, and he’s definitely someone that adds value.

    1. It reminds me of something that Michael Davies always says on the Men In Blazers podcast — that, in the Premier League, you’re either a red or a blue.

      Personally, I find this completely disrespectful to supporters of other teams in the Premier League, and it’s something I would expect Warren Barton to say, where their expertise is only on the top teams in the league.

      There are plenty of teams where red or blue isn’t a factor — Newcastle United, Swansea City, Tottenham, Norwich, Fulham and Hull City.

      1. Disrespectful? Come on. You think he means that literally? You think that because he supports one of the big clubs that is associated with one of those colors he isn’t fully aware of the smaller clubs where red or blue are not a factor. And you think by saying that he is spiting those clubs that aren’t associated with red or blue? Seriously?

        Jeez, he’s joking around. And you have to admit it can be jarring to see a player who you have come to associate with one kit and then see them in another. Demba Ba still looks weird to me in blue.

        1. Yes.

          And he’s not joking around. It’s how he views the Premier League.

          I was talking about the teams, not the players. I agree with you that it’s weird to see players wearing the color of another team when you’re so used to associating them with one team/color.

  8. Januzaj has showed more in ten minutes then Anderson and Cleverley have this season.why Anderson got the run today is beyond Kagawa is still mind numbing.

  9. Jozy Altidore is partnered today up front with Steven Fletcher, which is great news for Altidore in that he’ll have someone to link with up front.

    1. NBC Sports Live Extra on the web went down for me for approx 3 minutes where none of the games were available, and I missed the Spurs goal.

      1. Live Extra is behaving like FoxSoccer2Go today. Blotchy stream, took several minutes for a stream to actually start, a decent amount of buffering.

    2. I’m also in DC

      Extra Time won’t work on the cable box, phone, tablet, or computer

      I’m giving up. I’ve watched EPL for years but I’ll be canceling my cable today. Adios soccer

  10. Ozil looks like the second coming of Bergkamp so far…if Wolcott had even half of Ozils “soccer brain” then Arsenal would be a much more dangerous side.

    Maybe its a familiarity thing but Altidore looks lazy. Needs to work much harder off the ball to make opportunities for himself

  11. Di Canio got this one completely wrong. Fletcher and Altidore up top together and neither is really involved in the game. He completely overestimated his team’s ability to win and hold the ball in the middle. I know its not fun to do at home but he would have been better off with a 4-5-1.

    Halftime and I’m still not getting anything on the Extra channels. Cablevision in NY. Any of you having same problems?

  12. Aaah, Mr. Atkinson, what a mistake of nature you are…not sure if you laugh or cry if you are Sunderland fan here…shocking decision…

  13. Agreed. Should be 2-2. Altidore much brighter in the 2nd half. The way he shook off Sagna gives an idea how strong he is…not the last time he will create 1 v 1 problems for defenders in the BPL.

  14. Kind of little disappointed with Live Extra, Full screen is shambles and they need to learn what Full screen actually means. I mean I have a laptop with 1280×800 resolution and Lice extra full screen would not fill up the screen, still!

  15. Cheers jtm, Forest helped me get my four fold up so I’m £50 better off tonight.

    I see Smokey’s Lion’s got beat by an unconverted try today. Lomas out!

    1. Ian
      have to turn the Ground into a fortress.Smokey is going thru what happen to Forest last year with McLeast.enjoy your extra 50.

    1. Hard to see Klinsmann making a move now. If he’s at all serious about it then he would need to make the move in the remaining matches this year. There should be the two qualifiers and two friendlies to see if it works.

    1. An excellent, well-deserved win by Everton today. Chelsea had a poor game, but Everton were up for it.

      Martinez > Mourinho – at least for today.

  16. Bring back Rafa! Chelsea couldn’t impose themselves against Everton. I think Jose is going to find that his second spell won’t be anything like his first.

    So the 2 Liverpool clubs are the only unbeaten clubs so far. Swansea could make Everton the only unbeaten club after 4 matches by beating Liverpool on Monday.

    This is going to be a very open title race with no clearcut favourite(s). Gotta love it.

    1. I’d love it if that last paragraph came true, it’d be a fantastically exciting season if it did. Perhaps losing Fergie’s stranglehold has done us all a bigger favour than we thought.

      When’s Jose going to get the same sh!t Rafa got from the Chelsea fans?

      Chelsea could have done with Lukaku today. Absolute madness loaning him out.

      You’d have enjoyed the quality on display today Guy, good atmosphere too.

  17. Horrific mistake by Martin Atkinson. It was either a play on and 2-2 to Sunderland or a red card…he actually had to work hard to mess it up that bad.

  18. Just a note about Kagawa, I saw a few comments complaining that he was not playing. He was sick with the flu, makes sense he was not in the lineup.

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