Jozy Altidore Robbed Of A Clear Goal For Sunderland Against Arsenal [GIF]

Sunderland striker Jozy Altidore was robbed of a clear goal against Arsenal Saturday after he scored for the Black Cats, but the play was called back for a free kick that was awarded by referee Martin Atkinson.

With a sight on goal, Altidore jostled for the ball with Arsenal defender Bacary Sagna, but Altidore managed to get himself free and then calmly slotted the ball into the back of the net. However, referee Atkinson had already blown his whistle to award a free kick to Sunderland for Sagna’s foul on Altidore. Due to the referee’s decision to blow his whistle and not play advantage, Sunderland — and Altidore — were robbed of a clear goal.

If the goal had been allowed, Sunderland would have tied up the game 2-2.

Although it was a poor decision by the referee, we saw that at least the goal line technology worked again — correctly saying that the ball had crossed the line.

23 thoughts on “Jozy Altidore Robbed Of A Clear Goal For Sunderland Against Arsenal [GIF]”

    1. It was obviously Jozy who was grabbing onto Sagna. He was just running too fast, and need to use Sanga’s body to slow himself down enough in time to be able to make a good play on the ball…

  1. Oh please, how to play advantage when Sagna was still suck with Jozy? There was no clear opportunity to run clear with the ball.

    What would you say if Sagna had gotten the ball in the end? Would you say the referee should have blown for a foul?

    1. Didn’t see the match but it sure is interesting that players on both sides kept playing after the ‘so called’ foul. I’m pretty sure that if the players kept playing then there was a definite possibility of allowing the advantage. But why question Jeremy when he starts his comment with, “oh please”. Everyone knows you can’t question people who use that line.

    2. Give me a break. Altidore held off a stong challange didn’t go down and scored. All the things British fans say they admire. Oh wait it was done by an American so it doesn’t count.

  2. What a horrendous call. The next time a Premier League snob puts down refs or play from MLS just point to this game. Sunderland defense non-existent and Atkinson’s call is criminal. I guess he just doesn’t understand the game.

    1. The prem is of a far higher quality than Mls in every possible way. Youth developement reffing level of play. So yeah amy prem snob can diss mls until the league ups itself and produces actually good players.

    2. Dude do you know the rules at all? Once the whistle is blown the advantage cannot be taken. If you watch the game, the ref blows the whistle right as Jozy is about to break free and as a result he HAS to call the play back. Them’s the rules buddy so no it is not a horrendous call. Should he have played the advantage? Maybe but what if Jozy had booted the ball out what then?

      1. If Jozy had booted the ball out, then it’s a goal kick. You complain about someone not knowing the rules and then your comment betrays your own ignorance. The nature of advantage is that you get to keep playing. Had Jozy tripped, or not gotten to the ball, there would have been no advantage, so you blow your whistle and give the foul just outside the box. The advantage is a goal, the advantage is the opportunity to score the goal. So if Jozy shoots and misses, or if the keeper saves it, you play on. He got his advantage and didn’t take advantage of it. Simple.

        1. ooh sure. if jozy blast the ball out it would have been a goal kick. hope you remember arsenal vs aston villa the penalty was award after aston villa failed to score the advantage. why was that not a goal kick as you see this one? or is it soo painful when it falls arsenal way?

  3. They are both tussling for the ball so you can’t call a foul at first. When Altidore clearly pushes Sagna away and extends his arms it’s an obvious foul on him so he wasn’t robbed of anything. He was gifted a free kick

    1. I didn’t realize having a defender grabbing the front and back of a forward’s shoulder while the forward is just trying to get his arm free counted as “tussling”. Need to update my dictionary…

        1. That’s be true if they were innocently tangled up, but Sagna was grabbing him with both arms. Why does Sagna using both arms = no foul, but Jozy using both arms to get himself free = foul?

          This wasn’t a situation were Sanga was in front and simply holding off Altidore with his body, which is completely legal.

          Altidore is just about to jet right by Sagna before Sagna grabs him. Sagna’s never in front, just side by side (almost behind for one frame).

  4. Altidore is moving towards the ball, Sagna isn’t. Sagna is doing everything he can to prevent Altidore from getting to the ball. No brainer here.

  5. This ref, not unknown for some ridiculous and perplexing decisions, completely blew this. If it was a foul worth calling, it completes a double **** up. Sagna should have been sent off. I’m an AFC lifelong fan ( except when duller than dog **** George Graham was in charge ) Theo was a zero v hero. Credit to Sunderland half time adjustments were excellent.

  6. Clearly the decision should have been between “Advantage” and “Red Card.” If there is no advantage to be given, then Sagna obviously fouled in prevention of a clear goal-scoring opportunity.


    1. I don’t think it’s a red card. The gif doesn’t show it, but Koscielny was on the edge of the box closing in on goal. He completely stopped when the whistle blew. He would have still been in the play had the whistle not blown. I haven’t seen one pundit mention that at all.

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