Help Save Kettering Town From Extinction By Making a Small Donation

On the same day as transfer deadline day when Marouane Fellaini completed a £27.5million move to Manchester United, while Gareth Bale was still reveling in the world transfer record fee that had been broken just 24 hours earlier, 141 years of football history was destroyed by the modern game.

Sadly, Kettering Town FC were wound up on Sunday for failing to pay £58,000 in rent. Some of you may not be aware of the story because of modern soccer’s fascination with glorifying and idolizing footballers earning ludicrous wages and copywriting goal celebrations, but the club did fold — which went unnoticed by many.

Gareth Bale is allegedly earning 56p per second. Before you rub your eyes to check, that isn’t a typo, Bale’s contract at Real Madrid will bag him £15.6million a year. Seriously, what is going on with the game we love?! To put it another way, the £58,000 owed by Kettering Town F.C. could be paid by Mr Bale every 28.7 hours — it’s simply obscene. Is it not time to put a stop to this circus that is destroying clubs up and down England every season?

Kettering Town F.C., who were in the Conference Premier just two years ago, have now closed their business. The most important people in football, the fans, have lost a club they love due to serious negligence. The beautiful game, as it was once known, has turned very ugly. When I turned my television on on Sunday evening, I wasn’t informed once about Kettering’s demise. Instead I was greeted with vast sums of money flying across my screen, reporters up and down the country speculating on who would spend the most on Transfer Deadline Day. Is this really what the game has come too?

Sadly the days of players mingling with the fans in the pub after the game are long gone. It’s becoming more obvious that the roots of football, the real teams, the ones who actually care about the F.A.Cup, the teams without corporate sponsors splashed all over their stadiums, the teams who provide proper entertainment and provide the only link left with old fashioned football, are being totally destroyed by the business side of football. A crowd of 60,071 saw Arsenal and Tottenham lock horns on Saturday. Little did the fans know that if they had donated 97p each, Kettering would still have a football club.

It is becoming apparent that we, the real fans, are being ignored. No one seems to be listening to what we want. No one cares about grassroots football because apparently it is more important for me to be informed that Gareth Bale’s new boots have arrived at the Real Madrid training ground.

It may now be too late to do anything to save this sad state of affairs, but I would ask that if you are a real football fan, remember where you idols come from. They come from youth teams up and down England, and non league teams, just like Kettering.

If you have a minute to spare, please donate as generously as you can to help save Kettering Town F.C. a proper club with 141 years of history. We as fans need to draw as much attention as possible to what is happening to our clubs. Save the game we love, save our morals, save the beautiful game, save Kettering Town.

Editor’s note: A donation page has been established to try to raise £20,000 to save Kettering Town. Please make a pledge today to save a club with a rich history.

11 thoughts on “Help Save Kettering Town From Extinction By Making a Small Donation”

  1. Who wrote this? If it is a statement from Kettering Town, I am not interested in helping one bit. If it is a statement from someone on behalf of KT, but without direction, please do the club a favor and stop now. Insulting Bale and others who probably don’t even know about the club’s plight is not a tactic likely to swing the public.

  2. Dear God Gaffer,

    Since when do you allow this dreck on your site? Stop your crying, Sam. If Kettering Town was better with their money management or maybe if their fans would better support the team, then maybe they might not be in this predicament. How in the world can you compare Tottenham and Real Madrid (two teams I #*$%ing hate) with KETTERING TOWN? You can’t. Plain and simple. A real football fan? How INSULTING. I remember where my idols came from in this beautiful game and that has nothing to do with a team not being able to pay their rent…

  3. The badge in the photo is hung at the former ground of Rushden & Diamonds in Rushden nowhere near Kettering!. Kettering moved from their own ground to Nene Park at the drop of a hat. Forget giving any money to a club that had deserted the very Town it’s club is named after.

  4. I have sentiment for this club because Kettering Town was the first ‘real’ match I went to when I was a youngster. However, Football is a business and managing finances is obviously important. If my favourite shop was going out of business because of poor financial management, would I voluntarily pay more to help them? No. So sorry, Kettering Town. Thanks for the memories but…

  5. Sad to hear this. My family moved to Kettering in 1973 when my Dad took a job with British Steel in a nearby town before returnibg to the states nine months later. The Poppies were the first pro style match I went to and it was great fun. The supporters loved their team and showed much passion. I’ve kept an eye on the club through the years (thanks to the web)and watched them on Fox Soccer in the FA Cup against Fulham a couple years back. Hope they are saved and go on to be a stable organization.

  6. Nearby steel works town wouldn’t be Corby wouldn’t it? My father worked there in the 1970-80’s. Small world huh?

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