NBCSN Bumps Newcastle United Again, This Time In Favor of Cardiff vs Everton

For the second week in a row, Newcastle United has been bumped from NBC’s 10am Saturday featured Premier League match on NBC Sports Network (NBCSN). Last week, it was the dire 0-0 draw against West Ham United. This Saturday, Newcastle’s clash against Fulham has been moved to Premier League Extra Time. In its place this week will be the match between Cardiff City and Everton.

While Newcastle United supporters may be disappointed, it’s good news for neutral supporters or fans of Cardiff (are there any out there?) and Everton. The atmosphere at Cardiff City’s stadium on Sunday for the match against Manchester City was incredible compared to the noise at St James’ Park that sounded more like a funeral home (sorry Newcastle supporters). Plus, there’s the American angle of Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard.

What’s your opinion? Is NBC Sports Network making the correct decision in showing Cardiff-Everton instead of Newcastle-Fulham in that 10am ET NBCSN timeslot? Have your say in the comments section below.

48 thoughts on “NBCSN Bumps Newcastle United Again, This Time In Favor of Cardiff vs Everton”

    1. St James Park has not been a graveyard. And Newcastle (for a team that is not in the top four or five) actually have a sizeable following in the US.

      I don’t disagree with NBC’s decision. Because now Cardiff is “trending”. People are going to tune in to see what’s going on after the City match.

      But NBC also needs to know that Newcastle supporters are spread out all over the country.

      Don’t forget, the year they were sent down to the Championship, they were still selling out home matches.

        1. It’s Fulham. Why in god’s name would anyone exert any extra effort to watch mediocrity in its most perfect summation?

  1. As a Toffee supporter, I’m thrilled to get to watch the Blues in the prime time slot this weekend.

    So, yeah, good move NBC.

  2. Chris,’are there any Cardiff fans out there’? All I needed to know about you is that you write for the NYTimes, a paper that has a long history of very poor coverage of football/soccer. Go back to your baseball and basketball. Cymru am byth.

  3. wait, sorry, I took a moment and read further in your bio and noticed that you are a life long Jacks fan!! Now I see…maybe you should have mentioned that you hate Cardiff City so everyone would understand your bias. Meanwhile, how is Swansea doing this year so far…? Hmm? By the way, I have pulled for them and continue to wish them well as they are Welsh and in the end that is more important than your tribalism.

    1. Umm, “chris”, you obviously have not been with us very long, so perhaps should not judge too quickly.

      All the regular readers know Christopher Harris was born in Wales and is a life long Swans fan. He has also never made a secret of his bias.

      It’s part of the fun. Enjoy! :-)

  4. Agree on it being a good move. I’d imagine they’ll pay up the Cinderella story Buzz with Cardiff City and, I think you want to get these settings that create a good atmosphere onto TV as much as possible for a new audience.

    1. Joboo nailed it.

      NBC is staying with the “hot hand”.

      Newcastle supporters will have their day…provided their club doesn’t continue their poor play.

  5. After looking at the fixtures and recent results, Cardiff v Everton is the best match.
    On a side-note, I’d say Brad Guzan is quickly becoming a better goalie than Howard. He saved Villa from relegation last season.

    1. Guzan is a better shot stopper but his judgement and distribution is still way behind Howard. I think he will get there but needs a bit more time.

  6. i was at the cardiff match on sunday. never heard a noise like it. they played with a passion and fire that was unbelievable. only the second time in 12 months man city failed to win after going in front

  7. I have absolutely no problem with NBC bumping matches off the NBCSN channel, even if they do it to Stoke. It should be expected from week to week, unless the scheduled match already has some hook of its own.

    They are trying to build viewership and offering the “best” 10:00 a.m. match of the day on the flagship channel is one way to do that.

    Looking at the 4 possibilities I’d say Cardiff v Everton fits the bill for Saturday.

    Now, come on you Bluebirds! 😉

  8. this move is based on cardiff beating man city, very little to do with Newcastle’s poor start.
    Fortunatley for those of us that have the extra time channels it really doesnt matter what channel the game is on. Thanks, Directv!

  9. No problem with this. I like the flexible scheduling and I’m sure that NBC is doing this based on what they think will get the best ratings (and that is probably somewhat informed by what games people stream from the online products).

    1. NBCSN—NBC Sports Network.

      I think it all depends on your carrier and what package NBCSN is in. It doesn’t cost me anything I wasn’t already paying to Time Warner.

        1. In case you missed it-last weekend twc added the extra time channels to their twc app. Some say this has been the nbc/twc sticking point. Unfortunately the channels can only be viewed at home when connected to twc internet and not on the go.

  10. Neither Newcastle nor Fulham have been exciting to watch so far this season. On the back of Cardiff’s shock win, deservedly so, it makes sense to showcase them this weekend.

  11. Quite frankly, NBC is trying to promote our sport to a larger audience and based on the first couple of weeks it seems like it is working. Whether it is a fledgling league or not in the U.S. NBC feels it owes its fans to bring the best of games for our entertainment. I am sure they don’t want to promote a game like yesterday, Chelsea v Manchester United, but more like Cardiff v Manchester City.

  12. Any word on the ratings from Monday’s game or the weekend?

    I had read somewhere that the first Monday game featuring Man City was down significantly vs. ESPN2 a year ago.

    NBC deserves a ton of credit for everything they are investing into the Premier League experience and I hope worldsoccertalk will continue to give us both the good and ‘not-so-good’ news regarding ratings and growth in the sport as NBC takes over.

    One last question – why no Robbie Earle over the weekend? I enjoyed his commentary during week 1. Thanks.

  13. As a lifelong Bluebirds fan currently living in Minneapolis, many thanks to NBCSN for grabbing EPL and trying to spread the word. I watch via Comcast so fortunately have Xtra Time too so I can relax about seeing the mighty Bluebirds this season.

    Perfect sense to push Cardiff out front after Sunday’s amazing game. Hopefully, more to come in the weeks ahead!

  14. 1. NBC is doing what it should be doing: get the best Saturday 1500 London (10am ET) match on NBCSN and dump the rest on Extra Time. The decision should be made no more than 6 days in advance.

    2. Chelsea vs Bayern Munich this Friday will be on FOX Sports 2 because NASCAR PRACTICE will be on FOX Sports 1.

    That’s correct. NASCAR PRACTICE has higher priority (and will easily draw 3 times as many viewers) compared to the UEFA Super Cup.

    1. I could maybe understand if it was NASCAR Qualifying, but surely being a practice session – it takes lesser priority than a trophy match?

  15. Probably the right decision as I’m neutral for the most part for all of the 10am games and this was going to be my pick.

  16. Just from anecdotal evidence, I feel like this makes sense. In the UK, I’d venture to say that Everton and Newcastle are both big clubs of similar stature that sit outside the traditional powers (not the top 4, I include Liverpool as a traditional power, and Aston Villa as a similarly supported club to the Toffees and Magpies).

    However, here in the States, I’ve been blown away by the amount of support that Everton enjoys, probably right behind ManU and Arsenal. I personally know more Toffees than Reds supporters, and when they were on tour here this summer, I saw a ton of blue shirts here in San Francisco (way more than Juve, their opponents). Maybe the Tim Howard and Donovan angle has something to do with it, but I feel like the Toffees fans I know have loyalty that run much deeper and older than that – a friend of mine has the crest tattooed on his chest.

    Sorry, longwinded anecdote.

  17. Apparently the ratings for the Spurs match on last Sunday where very good. Especially given the fact that as pointed out above that NBCSN is not in as many homes as ESPN or FOXS1.

    Has Foxs2 signed on officially yet?

  18. “NBCSN Bumps Newcastle United Again, This Time In Favor of Cardiff vs Everton”

    got to give the people… give the people what they want! – jalen rose

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