Cardiff City vs Manchester City and Tottenham vs Swansea: Open Thread

Today’s two Premier League matches feature battles between teams from England and Wales. Not that either club features a ton of English and Welsh players on their team, but don’t tell the football supporters who are going to the match that!

In the English corner, we have Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur going up against, respectively, Cardiff City and Swansea City. In both games, it should be a walk in the park for the English clubs, but I would never underestimate the Welsh. Cardiff are set to give a Premier League debut for Danish striker Andreas Cornelius, so it’ll be revealing to see if the Dane can give Cardiff an X-factor.

For Swansea, who will be confident after a 5-1 first leg victory in the Europa League on Thursday night, the hope is that the Swans will decide to play their attacking style of football in this one rather than the defensive tactics they employed when they played Tottenham at White Hart Lane last season, and lost.

Before, during or after today’s match, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans from around the globe.

61 thoughts on “Cardiff City vs Manchester City and Tottenham vs Swansea: Open Thread”

  1. i am liking me some hot PINK on the pre match show!WOW

    Forest hangs on for a point at Watford still top on GD.

    predictions Spurs and the Red Dragons in a upset.

      1. I still cant believe that someone actually approved that Liverpool kit. Even Stevie starfish looks embarrassed to have his picture taken in it.

      1. I’ve gone to OnDemand but it isn’t there. The only matches there are replays. No live matches. Same thing last week.

          1. We got this on our Premier League thing on demand last night.

            But the watch button gives the message you are unable to see this game.

            3rd matchday in a row this has happened.

            They have screwed this up big time.

            We so wanted to see the Cardiff game.

    1. Missed call by the ref and linesman. My question now is will the ref see a replay of that at halftime and see his mistake and then give Spurs a makeup call in the second half or are the refs forbidden from seeing replays during the match.

        1. It’s something I’ve always wondered. We know with all the replays its easy enough for a manager to see the incident again. If a ref see he’s made a blatant mistake like that I think its only human nature for him to give the benefit of the doubt to Spurs in the second half with any controversial calls that could go either way.

  2. Watching halftime show and noticed Robbie Earle hasn’t been in studio all weekend. Has he been replaced by Martino or is he on vacation during the 2nd week of the EPL?

    1. He was doing the Friday night MLS broadcast of Chicago-Sporting KC match on NBCSN. No idea why he isn’t involved with Premier League this weekend.

  3. It’s time for Swansea to make some substitutions in midfield. We keep on losing possession. Leon Britton needs to come on for Jose Canas. Wilfried Bony needs to come on for Jonjo Shelvey. Come on Laudrup!

  4. Swansea look a lot better without Shelvey in there. Even though Tottenham have been far the better team, it’s still only 1-0 to Spurs. Swansea could knick an equalizer.

  5. Seems so weird to see Cardiff playing at home in red, but the vast majority of supporters in the crowd are wearing blue, and celebrating Cardiff’s second goal to take the lead (against a team playing in blue).

  6. Wow! Another goal for Frazier Campbell for Cardiff. Poor marking by Manchester City’s Pablo Zabaleta on the second and third goals by Cardiff today.

      1. Took the words out of my mouth, Gaffer.

        I was watching both matches. I was hoping NBC would switch right over after the final whistle of Tottenham-Swansea.

        It seems like a no-brainer decision. But most networks don’t do that.

        Great job, NBC!!!!!

      2. the problem was that watching on live extra on the computer was about two minutes behind the tv, so manchester city’s second goal had already happened and we found out about it before we saw it on live extra.

        1. Yea. I have a small issue with that.

          Had the same issue you did. I was trying not to look, but I saw the score go up before it happened online.

          I’m still ecstatic that NBC switched over to the match at the end.

          1. For me, my NBC Sports Live Extra game was ahead of TV, so I knew that Manchester City were going to grab a second goal before it happened on TV.

      3. And they kept the coverage going in the stadium after the final whistle to let us see the atmosphere, nice job. Fox would have either been in a commercial or in the studio with Warren Barton and Keith Costigan ruining the occasion.

  7. Congratulations to Cardiff City on a fantastic victory today. But it was a bit odd to see owner Vincent Tan walking out on to the pitch and taking away a lot of the applause that Malky Mackay deserved.

    Hats off to NBC for staying with the commentators and footage from the stadium. In previous years, I used to hate how FOX would always break in to the commentary as soon as the final whistle was blown. NBC stayed with the commentators and really captured the atmosphere at the Cardiff City Stadium. Love it.

  8. i am glad Cardiff won but it is tempered by mr tan hogging the spotlight.if they never win again that would be fine so i would never have to see mr tan see jerry jones jerry jones see mr tan.

  9. That was quite a performance by spurs today, score line unfortunately did not reflect the absolute dominance today of our midfield, it looked like men v boys out there.

    Starting to gel, yes the pen was a makeup call for the atrocious decision earlier. Our hustle was great as was our ball retention,.

    Capoue is very impressive and should now be referred to as Kapowww!

    Only real poor quality came from Dawson….shock horror… But kaboom or this new lad chirles will take care of that situation.

    With lamela arrival if not poached lol will add that missing spark and distribution to soldado, who’s movement along the line was superb.

    Expecting a 90m pound bid for Townsend from Madrid any day now…

    He has looked lively eh! Great to see him push on and given a fair crack by avb.

    6pts from two games. Now just the whining lot at the library next weekend. Expect a lot of cards as Wilshi*e, Cazorla, row icky, fall over from challenges by Kapow, Paulinho and Super jan….

    Bring it On!


  10. Spurs must sort out the supply to Soldado and his positioning. He’s being starved of the ball. They completely dominated midfield yet it broke down frequently as they approached the box. The game should have been out of sight by half time and Soldado should have had at least 3-4 decent chances. To be honest I noticed Defoe more in his ten minutes than Soldado’s eighty.

    Right now he’s the most expensive penalty taker in the league.

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