Real Madrid Make Two Separate Offers for Gareth Bale; Waiting On Tottenham to Decide

Despite everyone thinking that a deal had been done and dusted for Real Madrid to sign Tottenham Hotspur’s Gareth Bale, the BBC is reporting this morning that the Spanish club have made two separate offers for Bale for the White Hart Lane club to consider. And the Spanish club are waiting to see which one Tottenham will accept.

Option 1 is £86million “with structured payments over three to four years, which would surpass the world record fee Real paid Manchester United for Cristiano Ronaldo (£80m).”

Option 2 is a one-time, up front payment of £70million for Bale. For this option, Real Madrid may offer a player to sweeten the deal.

If you’re Tottenham Hotspur, which option would you select?

Earlier this week, it had been revealed that Tottenham Hotspur and Real Madrid had agreed a world transfer record fee of £85million for Gareth Bale to move to Spain, according to a report in the Spanish media.

13 thoughts on “Real Madrid Make Two Separate Offers for Gareth Bale; Waiting On Tottenham to Decide”

    1. …. and in what way has this player been selfish? If you mean on the field he is selfish then no more so than Ronaldo, and all good forwards have an element of selfishness. If you mean off the field then I completely fail to understand WTF you’re talking about?

  1. Keep Bale!!!! but if we have to sell than Cash + Player for me. Use the leverage to ensure we get at least one quality player from RM. Its better we get the player than them being sold to AFC to finance Bale deal as that would be a disaster

  2. You can’t take either of those, to be honest. I’d be shocked if Daniel Levy went for one. Yes, they sound like big numbers, but Spurs are much better off keeping Bale if those are the offers.

  3. Are these sorts of installment payments common with transfer fees?

    I tend to think it’s interesting that RM has to pay in installments the way most of us buy cars. I mean, they generate an incredible amount of cash and they STILL have to pay for players this way?

    Or maybe this is how all big transfers are done? I tend to think that paying over time for a player who can get injured is beyond foolish. It just indicates that the team can’t really afford him.

    1. It’s not uncommon for such large fees to be paid in installments although Utd got the 80m Ronaldo fee up front. I’m sure very few clubs can come up with that kind of cash all at once.

  4. This is absolute crap. There is no option here, and simple accounting will confirm my theory. No business in existence would opt for $85mm over “3 or 4 years” if given the option of $70mm up front. Putting $70mm in a 5% interest bearing account would get you $85 in three or four years so why on earth would anyone accept the scaled “record fee” of $85 mm to be paid on Real Madrid’s terms?

    Basically, Madrid has used manipulative media to hype up a fictional “transfer record fee” – probably to wind up Bale even further. Worse, they have changed terms after Spurs have begun spending some of the Bale money on others

  5. It would kinda suck for spurs if Madrid decided to pull out now for the simple reason that his transfer fee would unlikely be as high next time. I doubt keeping bale would hurt spurs financially this season. They have paid big money for players but crucially and wisely it seems they are not paying inflated wages which is what really hurts clubs long term when they can’t sell players on.

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