Nicolas Anelka Walks Out of West Bromwich Albion; Club Grants Him Leave On Compassionate Grounds

West Bromwich Albion striker Nicolas Anelka has walked out of West Bromwich Albion and has told staff that he’s retiring from soccer, just 49 days after joining the club.

The moody striker reportedly left West Bromwich Albion’s training ground this morning after having discussions with the club’s technical director Richard Garlick. He was seen packing his bags, and left the club. According to Birmingham Mail reporter Chris Lepkowski, it’s been suggested that the walkout by Anelka was based on personal matters.

In a statement by West Bromwich Albion, the club said:

“West Bromwich Albion can confirm that Nicolas Anelka will not be involved in Saturday’s game at Everton.

“The club have excused the striker from club duty on compassionate grounds.”

Anelka joined the club on a free transfer this past July.

In the meantime, West Brom are close to finalizing a deal to bring winger Scott Sinclair to the club from Manchester City.


6 thoughts on “Nicolas Anelka Walks Out of West Bromwich Albion; Club Grants Him Leave On Compassionate Grounds”

  1. Good. Now someone in the MLS needs to scoop him up. He's still got plenty left in the tank and he's got a strong fan base in the states.

        1. The article references the source for the story. Sky Sports reported the same thing. Are you calling them names too?

          1. No big deal really. The reason has been made public and the title can be changed to reflect that. just like BBC has:
            "Anelka given compassionate leave".


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