Manchester City vs Newcastle United, Premier League Gameweek 1: Open Thread

Manchester City hosts Newcastle United in today’s first Monday match of the 2013/14 Premier League season.

With Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham already getting off to a flying start, Manchester City will want to get all three points in Manuel Pellegrini’s first Premier League match in charge of the Citizens.

For City, Aguero and Dzeko will start up front.

After receiving a bid from Arsenal, which was rejected, Yohan Cabaye is not playing today for Newcastle United.

In honor of Bert Trautmann, today’s match will commemorate his life.

For viewers in the United States, the match is being shown live on NBC Sports Network and NBC Sports Live Extra. The match kicks off at 3pm ET.

Join the conversation with soccer fans in the comments section below, either before, during or after the match.

43 thoughts on “Manchester City vs Newcastle United, Premier League Gameweek 1: Open Thread”

  1. NBC pre game is such a step up from FSC that I’m actually willing to tune Into it now. I always refused to listen to Wynalda try and be funny or Keith Costigan try and pretend he knew what he’s talking about.

    Rebecca Lowe, Robbie Earl and Kyle Martinez and the way they come across are in a different class.

  2. More NBC love….it’s like I’m watching NFL coverage. They actually care enough to PRESENT it like they care about it.

  3. I’m splitting time between MNF (SkySports) and NBC Sports Network.

    I have to say Jamie Carragher (SkySports) had the line of the day. They were discussing Arsenal and their lack of activity in the transfer market. Carragher said: “The only ones who seem to be spending at Arsenal…are the fans. They pay the highest ticket prices in the league.”

    Good stuff.

    And I agree with Mufc77. NBC Sports Network continues to impress.

  4. Is NBC Sports Live Extra going to allow replay of games? The site says “Watch live, anytime, anywhere”. Lack of a replay/DVR feature makes the “anytime” part untrue.

    Having no replay feature would be a major shortcoming when comparing this service to foxsoccer2go.

  5. sending a SOS for Marc L hope all is well your City boys are about to kick off the season.hope your not on the wrong side of the EURO trading or the NSA has picked you up.

    1. First goal by Silva. Martino had just got done chatting him up as a Pellegrini type player.

      Kyle’s going to make a believer out of you, jtm! :-)

      1. Guy
        it is going to take more than a couple of hunches for martini boy to win me over.and hearing Martin Tyler is not helping A White.

      2. Have to agree with Guy. Martino was my weakest link going into this. He always sent off a “douche” vibe.

        But he’s been pretty good. He doesn’t talk off a script. He actually brings up good points and has a grasp for the history of football.

  6. If NUFC are truly turning down the bid, why are they leaving Cabaye out of the lineup today? Ashley needs to go, pronto

  7. We get Martin Tyler on NBCSN this afternoon. How great is this? Allan Parry began the weekend and now Marin Tyler ends it!

      1. Seriously, it’s always something with them. Today, it’s the fact that they aren’t offering Live Extra, so I can’t watch this match while at work. Tomorrow I will be annoyed with them for not carrying the new Al Jazeera America.

        1. Are you at least getting Extra Time where you are? I had 3 of the 4 extra matches on Sat., when I didn’t think I’d get any. That’s a start. Maybe they’ll fall in line with Live Extra, too. Of course you wouldn’t want to put any money on that.

  8. Pardew is relived of his duties in 3,2,1.i know it is one goal and 10 minutes in but he could be the first to be cut.with that clown kinnear in the wings

    1. But wouldn’t Newcastle have to pay him 6 years of salary to get out of the contract then?

      Probaly the last 8 year contract we will see for a while.

      1. If Pardew is fired he gets two years payment even though he has 6 years left (or is it 7?). That’s in the contract according to a Geordie I know.

    1. Having Martin Tyler and the other quality commentators we’ve had this weekend makes the Gus Johnson experiment seem a long time ago!

      NBC has done us proud and got almost everything right on their first weekend.

    2. It’s going to be a bit of shock going from NBC’s excellent coverage back to Fox for the Champions League matches. I wonder how many matches Gus will call this season.

  9. Great first half from my Citizens. So far so good in the Pellegrini era. Even without Nastasic, the defense looks quite good. @jtm371, I was thinking the same thing about Navas, lol

    1. way to much drama you got your foot stepped on by studs i know it hurts but the way your rolling around i thought maybe compound fracture or amputation.

  10. As a Swansea fan, I cannot help myself to giggle with glee, at the thought of Cardiff fans trembling in their pants watching just how strong City is this year.

  11. This match is so far out of the reach of Newcastle United and so in favor of Manchester City that co-commentator Paul Walsh is laughing at all these goals going in, and the fact that Edin Dzeko still hasn’t scored after having so many chances.

  12. Missed the game while at work.
    Im guessing city trotted out a 433 with aguero or dzeko alternating between left and CF and Navas on right?

    1. I’d say it was more a 4-2-2-2.

      Yaya and Fernandinho stayed back and moved the ball with short passes.

      Silva and Navas were wide attacking midfield but did drift in and also occasionally took up position on the same side. Very fluid.

      Aguero and Dzeko were out and out strikers.

      Interested what Pellegrini will do against more dangerous sides.

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