Everton Reject Manchester United’s £28million Bid For Marouane Fellaini and Leighton Baines

Manchester United have offered £28million for the double signing of Everton’s Marouane Fellaini and Leighton Baines, but the bid has been swiftly rejected by the Merseyside club.

The official club statement from Everton FC reads:

“Everton can confirm that it has received bids from Manchester United for two players. Those bids were immediately rejected out of hand as derisory and insulting.

“The Club did not make public these details as it was vital Roberto Martinez’s preparations for the opening game of the Premier League season were not disrupted in anyway.”

The ball is now in Manchester United’s court to decide whether they want to lodge a second bid. Meanwhile, for Everton supporters, the concern is that they could be losing not one, but two of their better footballers if a new, improved bid is offered.

9 thoughts on “Everton Reject Manchester United’s £28million Bid For Marouane Fellaini and Leighton Baines”

  1. Goodness….this is really starting to remind me of playing career mode in FIFA where you kinda dither over that BIG signing, waste a month before the computer finally decides that the player refuses to move and then you’re left scrambling for ANYONE who might POSSIBLY be an upgrade because you’ve got money to spend.

    I’m not sure if either of these guys even helps United all that much.

  2. Utd definitely need Fellaini. His movement off the ball would link up perfectly with Van Persie and no doubt he’s solid in the air. Utd should have activated his clause and secured him. Baines is no better than Evra and Buttner seems to be a solid prospect to replace him. Buy Fellaini (24 mil), leave Baines alone.

  3. United will get both players eventually. For Everton they need to plan for life without Fellaini and Baines. The question is who do they buy? I’m sure Everton anticipated that both might leave so they should have a backup plan.

  4. As an Everton supporter, I would gladly take the outcome that goatslookshifty advocates. Everton rely on Baines’ pace, crossing, and set-piece ability to create chances, and I wouldn’t sell him unless someone absolutely broke the bank, Bale-style (won’t happen). Fellaini, on the other hand, seems a poor fit for the Martinez possession-based style – not sure whether goats has been watching many Everton games, but Felli’s “movement off the ball” is shaky at best and sometimes absent entirely. His strengths are finishing in the box (esp. in the air) and tackling, but his distribution is nothing special, and he often seems to lack offensive instincts in midfield. I can’t count how many times a nicely-weighted pass has been played into space for Felli to run onto, only to find him flat-footed and not expecting it. If Moyes would like to donate 24 mil. for his services, I’d take it.

      1. Ha, fair enough. For me, Fellaini is a frustrating player – the skills of a No. 9 but the instincts of a defensive midfielder. He can be very effective in the right system – say, as a target man for a team that sends in crosses and long balls – but he apparently doesn’t prefer that role. Perhaps Moyes can make it work; 24 mil. could buy multiple players that would fit better in Martinez’s system.

  5. Why moyes goes after Bains when Coentrao is available forthe same price and is a far better player. Fellaini is not good enough he cant pass for a midfielder.

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