FOX Sports Announces UEFA Champions League Playoff TV Schedule

During half-time of Wednesday’s game between England and Scotland on FOX Soccer, FOX Sports announced some of the UEFA Champions League games its networks will televise next week, which gives us the first indication of how the post-FOX Soccer demise and launch of FOX Sports 1 and FOX Sports 2 will impact our TV viewing experience.

FOX Sports 1 launches on US television this Saturday, August 17. For the UEFA Champions League play-off round matches that are being played next week, here’s the latest schedule (all times Eastern):

Tuesday, August 20

Shakhter Karagandy vs Celtic, 11am, FOX Soccer Plus and FOX Soccer 2Go
PSV Eindhoven vs AC Milan, 2:30pm, FOX Sports 1 and FOX Soccer 2Go
Lyon vs Real Sociedad, 2:30pm, FOX Sports 2 and FOX Soccer 2Go
Plzen vs Maribor, FOX Sports Networks and FOX Soccer 2Go
Pacos De Ferreira vs Zenit, FOX Soccer Plus, DirecTV and FOX Soccer 2Go

Wednesday, August 21

Fenerbahce vs Arsenal, 2:30pm, FOX Sports 1 and FOX Soccer 2Go
Dinamo Zagreb vs Austria Vienna, 2:30pm, FOX Soccer 2Go
Razgrad vs FC Basel, 2:30pm, FOX Soccer 2Go
Steaua Bucharest vs Lega Warsaw, 2:30pm, FOX Soccer 2Go

Note that the TV schedule for Wednesday is incomplete. FOX Sports hasn’t announced which matches on that gameday will be shown on television. The Arsenal match, especially, will likely be shown on one of FOX’s networks.

While FOX Sports doesn’t plan on pulling the plug on FOX Soccer until early September, the FOX Soccer network isn’t currently listed as showing any of the UEFA Champions League matches. This may be by design to try to ween soccer fans off FOX Soccer and get them accustomed to watching games on the new FOX networks.

Beginning this Saturday, SPEED will become FOX Sports 1 while FUEL will become FOX Sports 2.

15 thoughts on “FOX Sports Announces UEFA Champions League Playoff TV Schedule”

  1. Is it true that FS1 and FS2 haven’t secured carriage agreements with Direct TV and Dish yet? And that they’d need them because they’re changing the type of channel they originally contracted for?

    1. No deal yet with DIRECTV, DISH, or Time Warner Cable/Bright House Networks for FS1 because FOX wants a lot more money (reportedly $0.80/sub/month) for FS1 compared to SPEED (reportedly $0.23/sub/month).

      FOX reportedly will keep SPEED going past 6am ET on August 17, with an endless loop of taped programming, if deals cannot be reached with DIRECTV, DISH, and Time Warner Cable/Bright House Networks.

      FOX is not asking for more money to carry FS2 compared to FUEL TV (reportedly $0.15/sub/month), so everyone who has FUEL TV will automatically get FS2.

  2. Well on our Xfinity package we have Fox Sports 1 in HD, Fox Sports 2 in SD and FSN in HD but no Fox Soccer Plus at all. I am just hoping they bump as many Champions League games as possible on FS1 and FSN.

  3. So they aren’t willing to televise any of the Wednesday games? Must have a really important poker tournament to show.

    Good Grief. Just hand the rights over to NBC and let a real network take over.

  4. Enjoy the early rounds before they inflict their faux celebrity Gus Johnson on us.

    I will have my “expat shield” booted up and steaming


  5. FOX Soccer is now a “zombie”, being kept alive by “robots” at The Woodlands, until the plug is pulled on September 2. No more live 1st choice events in the next 3 weeks.

      1. Those NWSL women’s games on FOX Soccer are time buys. They are not exactly “1st choice” games.

        “1st choice” matches from the UEFA CL and CONCACAF CL will be on FS1 starting August 20.

        “2nd choice” matches will be on FS2.

        The NSCAA college soccer package will move to online only in 2013 now that buying time on FOX Soccer is no longer an option.

  6. According to Fox Soccer’s online schedule (, Fox Soccer is scheduled to show Champions League Playoff games next week.

    It seems like the Plzen vs Maribor game that was listed for a ‘Fox Sports Network’ would be the Tuesday game & the Wednesday game will be determined when the FS1/FS2/FS+ games are also decided

  7. I was looking at Fox Sports 1 schedule on it’s website, and it lists “Fenerbahce vs Arsenal” as airing live at 2:30 PM Eastern Time.

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