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Premier League Taxis Hit the Streets of New York City to Promote NBC EPL Coverage [PHOTOS]

nbc epl taxi cab nyc 600x600 Premier League Taxis Hit the Streets of New York City to Promote NBC EPL Coverage [PHOTOS]

First, we had videos. Then subway cars, which was then followed by viral videos and street posters. Now the latest phase of NBC’s advertising campaign to increase awareness of the network’s launch of the Premier League on US television on August 17 features their ads on taxis that are driving through the streets of New York City.

In the above example (courtesy of @randy_j_kim), he got a ride home yesterday in a New York City cab. Half of it was black and white featuring the Newcastle United colors (and the ‘Keep Calm and Pick Newcastle United’ slogan), while the other half of the taxi was in red and white and advertised Sunderland FC.

Instagram user Susan Shek posted this image (see below) yesterday of a Newcastle/Sunderland taxi driving through the streets of New York City:

newcastle united nyc taxi nbc Premier League Taxis Hit the Streets of New York City to Promote NBC EPL Coverage [PHOTOS]

Presumably there are NYC taxis that promote the other rivalries in Premier League soccer including Manchester United/Manchester City, Arsenal/Spurs and Everton/Liverpool.

If you see any more taxis in New York City with the Premier League/NBC ads on them, e-mail them to me at thegaffer[at]worldsoccertalk[dot]com.

Thanks to World Soccer Talk reader Emmett for the news tip!

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21 Responses to Premier League Taxis Hit the Streets of New York City to Promote NBC EPL Coverage [PHOTOS]

  1. Kyle says:

    I think these are brilliant. Are they doing any outdoor advertising outside of NYC?

  2. Al Jean says:

    Arsenal rivals is Totthenam,Man UTD vs Man City, Liverpool vs Everton, New UTD vs Sunderland, Westnam vs Millwall, Cardiff vs Swansea, West Brom vs Aston Villa, Chelsea vs ?????????.

    You could see Chelsea is a “manufacture” team, who do not have rivals. The soon Roman goes, the end of Cheski.

    • Evan says:

      Chelsea vs. Fulham

      • Christopher Harris says:

        As well as Chelsea vs QPR.

        • Sacto Blues says:

          Chelsea vs Leeds for us old timers.

        • Al Jean says:

          You dont call that derby, derby for what, when this derby started?
          Every derdy have a name so, what derby against Fullam, Leeds or QPR called.

          • Al Jean says:

            Sorry, I mean Fulham.

          • Alex Postcode: W8 says:

            “The West London Derby is the name given to a football derby played between any two of Brentford, Chelsea, Fulham and Queens Park Rangers.” West London’s a big place and when Roman leaves he won’t sell it for pennies, not only that but any real Chelsea fan will tell you that we were broke before the 80′s we got promoted in 1990 and finished 5th the year after promotion, without any sort of money. also we had ruud guillit and gianfranco zola amongst many others with Ken Bates as chairman (now chairman of Leeds United) learn your history before you start chattin rubbish maaattteeee, and people wonder why americans are viewed so badly

        • Jerry Croby says:

          For the record…the London Taxis you see driving the streets of N.Y are owned by my company in Charleston , S.C. They are used all over the USA on any type of campaign advertising that is desired. Glad we could help NBC SPORTS out with their campaign!

      • Al Jean says:

        You call that rivalry, really? have you been in London, cos if you had you wont call that rivalry.

    • yomotha says:

      Too bad his son is already being groomed for the position.

      Don’t get too salty there son

  3. Leafsfan1967 says:

    NBC deserve huge credit for all this.

    On another note, DirecTV have added the extra channels for the 10:00 AM games on Saturday. Still no progress on access to the app but I think I read here that would happen on the 14th.

    Let the games begin!

  4. CTBlues says:

    The only sad thing about this ad is that there are classic London taxis on the streets of NYC but no classic NYC Checker cabs.

  5. richard says:

    any news on nbcs going to mas ulra on directv?

  6. NashRambler says:

    NBCSN has been running “Classic English League Soccer” matches over the last several days with the score ticker at the bottom of the screen. I don’t have a problem with the ticker itself, the big problem I have is that NBCSN compresses the picture above the ticker which degrades and distorts the picture quality.

    When ESPN or Fox have the ticker they run it on top of the image at the bottom of the screen in order to maintain the integrity of the picture quality. Compressing the picture as NBCSN does sort of defeats the purpose of going to the trouble of watching in HD when the compressed picture looks like crap compared to any other HD broadcast.

    I don’t expect that they will run the ticker during live games because NBCSN does not run it during live MLS games. I’m worried they will do this on the Match of the Day highlights shows and game replays on weekday nights. If they persist with this practice when the season starts I’m afraid I’ll be inclined to not watch the highlights shows and continue to complain on this site and I hope everyone who is bothered by this issue will voice their complaints as well.

  7. StellaWasAlwaysDown says:

    Yay! Now I can see 12,000,000 more LFC, MCFC, Arse and ManU fans running around!

  8. Peter Idris Taylor says:

    The “English” Premier League? Since when have Cardiff and Swansea (Caerdydd a Abertawe)been in England?

    Thanks Jerry Crosby for exporting the taxis from South Carolina to New York.

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