Liverpool Winger Stewart Downing Joins West Ham United On Four-Year Deal

Liverpool winger Stewart Downing has joined West Ham United on a four-year deal. The transfer fee is reportedly around £6million, which represents at £14million loss for Liverpool, who signed the player for £20million in 2011 from Aston Villa.

Downing will join up with former Liverpool teammate Andy Carroll.

Despite the massive loss for the Reds, Downing’s performances have improved significantly during the past six months at Anfield, which will give Hammers supporters hope that he can continue playing well at the Upton Park club.

Downing still has his hopes set on making the England squad for next summer’s World Cup tournament if and when the team qualifies, so the England winger certainly has a lot to work towards.

Downing said:

“I’m very excited. It’s a great opportunity for me being here, it’s a great Club and I’m really excited to get going.

“I’m ready and I’m fit for the first game against Cardiff City. I’ve played a decent few games for Liverpool in pre-season, so there will be no problems on that front.

“It’s all happened quickly, but I’m really excited and hoping to play a part on Saturday.”

6 thoughts on “Liverpool Winger Stewart Downing Joins West Ham United On Four-Year Deal”

  1. its amazing that lfc spent 55 million pnd on both Carroll and Downing. Everybody(non-lfc fans) said when that happen that they were terrible transfers …you have 55 million pound to spend and you waste it on these players. *mindblown

  2. Paul, you wanna bet that Downing starts whacking balls into the box and Carroll nods them in?

    I still think Downing, even with his high wages, should have stayed at Anfield until January. His form the last 6 months justified that.

  3. It really is hilarious how people only bring up net transfer losses to this degree when it’s for LFC. Players aren’t fixed assets. They depreciate. In the case of Downing, people saw him struggle for 2 years, and he is older now. It is normal that his worth would go down significantly. LFC also got “use” out of him…it’s not like he never contributed. It’s so easy to say “this represents a net 14mil loss for LFC”, but in reality that is a very misleading thing to say. Not saying LFC didn’t pay way to much for him, just the way people are reacting to this transfer “loss” doesn’t make sense.

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