FOX Releases Preview of ‘FOX Soccer Daily’; Show Aims To Be Fun, Less Serious

FOX Sports has released a promo for its new show FOX Soccer Daily, which gives viewers a preview of what to expect when the daily soccer show launches August 19 on FOX Sports 1.

In the short clip, Rob Stone introduces us to the familiar faces of pundits Warren Barton, Brian McBride and Eric Wynalda. Barton describes the show as:

“It’s just bring the fun back into the sport. I think it’s took too serious. Now with soccer growing in the US, people want to be entertained. And that’s what we’re here to do.”

What’s your opinion about the promo? Is FOX Soccer Daily heading in the right direction with a show that’ll be more fun and less serious than its current FOX Soccer content? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

Even though Rob Stone opens the preview, he won’t be the host of the show. Newly hired Julie Stewart-Binks will take the honors, while Stone concentrates on college football coverage for FOX Sports 1.

Meanwhile, ESPN launches its daily soccer show this Sunday night titled ESPN FC at 10pm ET on ESPN2.

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31 thoughts on “FOX Releases Preview of ‘FOX Soccer Daily’; Show Aims To Be Fun, Less Serious”

  1. NBC Sports showed us all last night how much we’ve been missing with Fox’s coverage. All of their EPL programming was entertaining, polished and thoughtful. Three things Fox never had.

    EPL on NBC!!! EPL on NBC!!! EPL on NBC!!!

    1. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by NBC last night.

      Even the show dedicated to explaining each EPL club was done well.

      No FOX robot explaining the difference between American football and world football like we’re a bunch of 4 year olds.

  2. just wonder if fox will jab us in the eye with a sharp stick one last time this weekend.will gus do the shield on Sunday?

    1. Rob Stone(d), makes no bones about shamelessly wanting a ‘network’ job. He’d love to move over to the big boy throwball gig.
      He said as much while doing the footy coverage, and said even more when he was a sports reader here in Tampa.

  3. How can it get more goofier than it is already. I guess they are going for the Nickolodean demographic.

    Fox you have totally lost the plot and are alienating everyone now


  4. As long as Gus Johnson is not on it, we are all good. Just another thought though; they want to take the seriousness out of the sport? Just like they took the seriousness out of how to package it to fans and nearly made it a joke? Well played Fox. *snark*

  5. Fox Soccer is terrible, the only pundit worth a dime is Warren Barton, the rest are terrible. No one is going to be watching them anymore besides for the CL coverage and whatever college soccer they throw in.

  6. Well I hate to be repetitive (see Cantona), but how could they possibly be less serious than they have been?

    I do not mind humor on the set. We are not watching a state funeral. However, there is a difference between humor and banality. The problem is FOX hasn’t figured that out.

  7. Fine by me, if they want to appeal to an audience that wants to be entertained by joking their way through a weekend of one of if not the best football leagues go right ahead and do it, there is an audience out there somewhere that will tune in, but for those of us that want professional detailed analysis from qualified and passionate experts on the game… look no further than #NBCSports #Fact

  8. The term grasping at straws comes to mind.

    They have already determined that sex sells…see all the new blond hostesses.

  9. Instead of this nonsense. Why not just create a call in show so we can talk about some topics of the week in football. I mean. I did enjoy the call in thing that FOX Soccer had back in the day. I cant even remember the name of the show. It was always on a Monday I think.

    1. Fox Football Fone in was probably the best show the network produced.. Lighthearted, just how it should be for a call in fan show.. Shame we don’t have something like that now. It was great until Cohen went on his Liverpool rant.


  10. Not sure why “World Soccer Talk” haven’t listed Spurs pre season coverage TV options but FYI the Spurs pre season friendlies have been on BeinSports…

    9:30am pacific this Saturday the Spurs game at the lane v Espanyol will be live…Soldado, Chadli & Paulinho will all figure…hopes for a Kaboul appearance too! Caboue won’t play but will prolly be unveiled….it’s a sell out too so should be a cracking atmosphere with plenty of bale stay songs as well as the Soldado ” he came to is from Spain to play at white hart lane…etc etc ”

    Enjoy! I can’t wait!!

    Oh in a close door game we won 11-0 (v Cambridge I think) and Soldado scored a hat trick, but Carlton Cole who has been training with us also scored 2…anyway


    1. We’ve listed all of the Spurs preseason matches that have been shown on US TV, but beIN SPORT only just added the Spurs-Espanyol game so I’ll add that to the TV schedule page when I get a chance. It’s going to be live on beIN SPORT Espanol — not beIN SPORT.

      Thanks for the tip!

      1. You can change the language for that Channel on your cable box setup do you get English commentary (probably ITV 4 feed)

        1. beIN SPORT is notorious for last minute changes to their TV schedule. We added Monaco-Spurs to our TV guide as soon as we saw it. Plus, we had an open thread for that game where we told everyone about it.

  11. I’m amazed how easy it is for everybody to just pile on Fox Soccer and act like it was the worst thing to happen to American television.

    I’m just as excited as everyone else for the NBC coverage – and they’ve done a fine job so far – but c’mon people…..

    With Fox Soccer we could literally watch almost every Premier League game with UK announcers – no ticker – many live and others delayed same day. Same with UEFA Champions League – Fox took it to the next level. (Anybody remember the days when you could only get 2 UEFA games per week on ESPN, with a ticker that at times even gave away the result…if on delay).

    Fox has set the table for NBC. No way the sport would have grown the way it did to the point where now I’m seeing NBC ‘Premier League Countdown’ days on NBC pre-season football –

    Also, while the pundits may not be to everyone’s taste – they took it serious enough to dedicate pre and post game shows – balancing what had to be a loss-leader from a P&L perspective to cover the sport.

    So regardless of your opinion of Gus Johnson, Rob Stone et al – it’s a bit sad to see the piling on that’s occurring at every opportunity.

    In my opinion Fox Soccer made possible what we have with NBC today. Sad to see many of the ‘fanatics’ turn on what has been an amazing increase in quality and quantity of coverage over the past 5 years and rip on the network that was willing to take the risk, lose the money and lead the way to make it possible.

    1. FOX Soccer deserves a lot of credit for what they’ve done for the past 15+ years, but the last six months have been — mostly — a joke. And they seem set on repeating the same mistakes (and making their presentation of the sport even worse) with the upcoming launch of FOX Sports 1.

      For a good perspective, here’s a story we published a few months ago

      1. True, Gaffer. It’s almost like they adopted a “scorched earth” policy after they lost the rights.They did the same thing w/ Serie A in its final season on FSC. EPL definitely deserved a better sendoff after 15 years

    2. When FOX lost the rights to the Premier League there were a number of stories on the passing of the torch. The posts almost unanimously acknowledged FOX’s contribution to the growth of the sport and its awareness in the U.S. The criticisms, much like those above, were of FOX’s presentation, which is a far different matter.

      To my mind, FOX deserves no credit whatsoever in that regard. They continue to dumb down their commentary as the above promo shows only too well. The ramming of Gus Johnson down our collective throats was reprehensible and showed absolutely no love or respect for the game. That’s what people won’t miss.

      FOX’s way of presenting the sport may appeal to some, but obviously doesn’t to the majority of fans who populate this site. Last night NBC showed what FOX could and should have been doing all along, but they seemed fixated on some other goal.

      I give them their props where due, but won’t miss them one iota. NBC has left them in the dust.

      1. Agreed – my comments were more focused on the comments to the articles than the posts… they have been a bit more balanced in this regard – with the exception of the Gus Johnson lynching…..

        So far so good with NBC – however, let’s give them a few Saturdays with actual matches before we make final judgement.

        Let’s see how well the ‘Live Extra’ app handles the huge uptick in viewership and hope that they do the right thing by killing the ticker during match play.

        1. gus sucks but i would never use the word you used with a Black he does not know the game or how to call a match.he is AWFUL and your choice of word is AWFUL.

        2. “Comments” are what I was referring to as “posts”. The negative comments have been about FOX’s presentation, not what they did or didn’t do for the sport. So, I think your criticism of the “piling on” is misplaced. Fox deserves every criticism it gets for the way it presented the sport both on the field and in the studio.

          Now, will NBC do better? Time will tell, but off of last night’s performance I think we can at least be optimistic the studio shows will be far superior to Fox’s. Surely, the gnashing of teeth will come at the first misstatement of fact or mispronunciation of a name…..or the appearance of a ticker, which I am willing to bet is a certainty.

          And, as you point out, we haven’t heard a single match called yet, so NBC is far from free and clear. I don’t think Arlo White is everyone’s cup of tea, which means the fur could start flying soon. :-)

          The king is dead. Long live the king!

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